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I’m a Taurus


avid coffee drinker (black only, please)

cat enthusiast



Jesus lover

red lipstick fiend

and friend.


I like to write because it helps me remember things that are important to me, not because I necessarily need someone to read it. But if you’re here, that isn’t your cue to leave (I hope).

I’m a firm believer in the fact that everyone has something to say and hear and teach and come to know. I can’t say I know much, but here is a collection of some of the things I know.


01.To be absolutely in love with my life.

02.To read 50 books by the end of 2018.

03.To step foot on every continent.

04.To be the pivotal person that brings One Direction back together (a girl’s gotta dream, right?)

Top 5 Books

01. We Were Liars – go read it. now.

02. The Bell Jar

03. The Great Gatsby

04. The Opposite of Loneliness

05. The Perks of Being a Wallflower

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