The Prelims | Australia Part 1

March 17, 2014

As I pressed the submit button to confirm my spot in the Summer 2014 trip abroad to Australia, unanswered questions flew through my head at the speed of light. What do they even eat there? Will my roommates be serial killers? Will I be that exotic girl that everyone makes say Harry Potter? Okay, I recognize that these are all admittedly a stretch, but if you know me slippery slopes are my kryptonite. I began to second-guess the decision I had made and reconsidered what my mom wanted me to do all along: stay home and work.

Less than a minute later, I came to the realization that in less than three months I would be living across the world and pursuing my dreams. Why would I give up such a great experience to sit in suburbia just to be comfortable? I love comfort as much as the next person, but I have never been a person that wants to stay in the United States. Why not start now?

Keep up with me and my adventures through the wonderful country/continent of Australia. It’s going to be a journey we will never forget!

Allie, the soon to be Aussie

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