Journal #1 | Australia Part 2

March 18, 2014

Although I would not say that I am an expert on the American business system, I would say that I need a change of both scenery and pace. Americans are so focused on getting in, to the point, and getting out, that they miss the relationships that could be fostered and the lessons that could be learned. I would love to experience the business culture of another country because it would add to my inter-cultural understandings and give me a better scope of how to do business internationally. It is virtually impossible now to not deal with other countries in business and this experience will give me the opportunity to contribute to my future company in more ways than otherwise. I have always wanted to do international business and hopefully live abroad for a period of time and this would be a great set of connections as well as a jump-start toward my goals. In addition to my actual job and performance, I will be able to network with a larger pool and learn things about myself in the process. I have many goals for my internship experience including, but not limited to: personal development, networking, detail-orientation, and development of skills.

Living in a foreign country with no parents will do wonders for my personal growth. By the end of the eight weeks, I will be able to be much more self-sufficient and know deeply about my strengths and weaknesses. I will be thrust into a city with minimal knowledge; this is a great opportunity to learn how to swim instead of sink. I have always had the comfort of my friends, family, and familiar places to surround me and I am excited to see how far I can reach without them by my side.

In addition to comfort, starting conversations with people has always been something I have struggled with personally because I am not quite comfortable putting myself out there like that. This opportunity will push me to go out of my way to meet people because there is no way to survive if I do not. Everyone will be in the same boat as me when it comes to people my age, and my elders have much to teach me.I have always been a person who likes both the big picture and the small, but I would like to be more inquisitive and do more research hands on. I am known to be able to take someone’s word for it if I trust them, but in this situation, I will have to learn to check the facts myself and know them inside and out. I can make a beautiful PowerPoint, but the United States is one of the few countries that will be satisfied with just that. Other countries require more of you and I am excited for the challenge.

I cannot describe the number of skills that I anticipate acquiring, or even getting a surface-level knowledge of. The different software that I will encounter as well as cultural differences and social interactions will be large changes, but I know that this experience will help me to grow into a better businessperson and member of society. Apart from looking good on a resume, I will have great experiences to talk about and more knowledge about the growing world than most. This job will most likely directly correlate with my future career and will help me attain the skills necessary in a unique setting.

Specific goals:

  • Be able to navigate the city on my own
  • Gain the ability to start up conversations easier with strangers
  • Focus on becoming more detail-oriented with my work and understand thoroughly where each detail comes from
  • Develop more confidence in asking questions
  • Develop more confidence to ask for feedback from my peers and superiors
  • Be able to put my knowledge and skills gained in college into action at my job in Australia
  • Gain real-world experience
  • Not be afraid to try new things or to fail

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