Week 1 | Australia part 4

June 19, 2014

Australia is all you could imagine and more. Here is a list of the Top 10 things I’ve learned during my first week:

  1. Living in a house with twenty different people is both challenging and rewarding. Having sweet roomies for when your day doesn’t go just as planned are crucial for success in a foreign setting. So are salt and vinegar chips.
  2. Cuddles fix everything, enough said.
  3. French people have no idea what squirrels are (they also like to learn our national anthem, scream, “USA” when NSW scores during rugby, and tweet from your Twitter in French). On that note, there are no squirrels on this continent. Its peculiar.
  4. The candy here is so good! Tim Tams and fancy Kit Kats are terrific.
  5. “Arvo” means afternoon. Used in a sentence, it reads, “Yesterday arvo, we wen’t to the zoo.” You can also say, “disarvo,” meaning “this afternoon.” The quicker you learn this, the less you have to ask, “what?”
  6. Working at a manufacturing plant has its perks, such as mandatory closed toed shoes and no heels allowed. I’m also the only American and thus expert on the entire country (and the English language).
  7. Lemonade doesn’t exist here. If you order it, they give you Sprite. It sure makes for some confusion at the store and with cocktails.
  8. Minimum wage is $15! Sounds good to me.
  9. Wallabies bite, but they like to take selfies.*see my tagged photos on Facebook*
  10. “State of Origin” (a large rugby game between New South Wales and Queensland) is not the same thing as “State of the Union.” People will stare at you if you call it that.

The list goes on and on, but we have had a great time learning slang, getting lost, and becoming fast friends along the way. I was someone’s first American to meet (ever) and I’ve been told by a grown man that if I decide to get rid of my riding boots that he would take them. I’ve walked past a Maserati/Ferrari dealership on the way to work every day. I’ve had to convert temperature from C to F and back every day to figure out what to wear. I’ve survived without Netflix and WiFi (apart from my house and the occasional restaurant). But most importantly, I’ve learned about myself, my best friends, and this amazing country I get to call home for seven more weeks.


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