The More Than Halfway Point | Australia Part 5

July 16, 2014

Update from Australia: I miss my cat (but I’m sure every one of my best friends here could tell you that).

Here are a few lessons I’ve learned in these last few weeks:

  1. People wink a lot here. It is normal to them, but I still cringe on the inside each time my co-workers do it… (No Allison, your boss is not flirting with you.)
  2. I take for granted how often I type the letters e, c, x, l, and m. My keyboard at work’s keys are a bit sticky and it usually ends in gibberish. On the bright side, my critical thinking and spelling skills have increased tremendously trying to figure out how to spell whatever I was trying to say.
  3. Watching scary movies is much more terrifying in a house without central heating. There is something about a house that is 50 degrees (Fahrenheit) to make you feel at one with the Blair Witch or women spelunking in a cavern.
  4. Lorde is SO much better in concert. Go see her whenever she comes to a city near you because you won’t regret it. But you and one of your friends will regret wearing big sweaters and you will turn into the ultimate 90’s girl with two sweaters tied around your waist (you’re welcome).
  5. God has a fabulous sense of humor, but apparently, my friends don’t appreciate mine (I’m talking to you Court, Harry, Ev, and D).
  6. Kangaroo is really tasty, especially when eaten while discussing literature with CEOs.
  7. Being in an office with no windows gets really depressing really quickly.
  8. Trying to figure out computer systems created before you entered middle school is a challenge, especially when someone years ago lost the CD housing all of the data, and you are expected to call Germany and get them to send it to you for free.
  9. Watching and helping a friend get asked to be the maid of honor for her sister’s wedding is a beautiful thing, especially when you can still hear her screeching two hours later when she lives two doors down in the house.
  10. Apparently, it is super weird how many raw foods I eat. My whole office comments regularly on how many veggies I eat. I, however, find it to be both lazy and yummy.

sydney winery tour

Less than a week until I leave for the Great Barrier Reef and less than a month until I leave for Texas again. It’s going to be sad leaving, but (on a sappy note) I’m glad that five of my best friends will be with me this year and the rest is just a road trip away.

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