The Last Week Blues | Australia Part 7

August 3, 2014

If you’re anything like me, Monday brings a solid case of something I can only call a “case of the Mondays.” I figured I would try to get out of the rut of needing four cups of tea within my eight hours of work and reminisce a little bit on my time in Australia.

People keep asking me what I’m going to miss most about Australia as well as what I miss most about home, so here they are:

What I miss most about home:

  1. Driving, or even just the ability to get to places incredibly quickly. Having to take a bus or a train everywhere is convenient, but takes a long time. Our commute to downtown is 30 minutes on a good night (over an hour for rush hour) and makes me rethink my grocery needs daily because it is such a hassle to carry groceries on the bus. Sorry stomach, you are just going to have to wait.
  2. Bacon. The Aussies think they have bacon, but they are wrong.
  3. Warmth. Living in another season of winter is a bit depressing, especially when the water is generally too cold to spend quality time with the beach. Our house, however, is MUCH colder than outside. We literally live in the tundra and I’m not a fan. You know your house is cold when you’re walking outside to 50 degrees and everyone talking about how much warmer it is.
  4. Baking. Nothing here tastes the same and it is virtually impossible to find any kind of pre-made baking supplies like cake mix or cookie dough. What we can find tastes like cardboard. Yum.
  5. Mexican food. Being a Texas girl is so hard in a place that can’t feed your craving for sour cream chicken enchiladas.
  6. My bed, couch, and rest of my closet. This twin sized bed is just a little bit too small for my liking. I’m excited to sit on a couch where the cushions don’t slide everywhere and I don’t need to bring my comforter. Wearing the same outfits for eight weeks has gotten a bit boring.
  7. Things being much cheaper. I really don’t want to pay $22 for drugstore mascara.
  8. My cat. (And honestly pets in general. They aren’t as common here, sadly).
  9. Being able to text or do anything without searching for sparse free WiFi.
  10. Having access to Netflix and Hulu for those nights in.

What I’m going to miss about Australia:

  1. People thinking I’m weird for eating so much peanut butter. Sorry to break it to you, but apples and peanut butter is a completely reasonable combination. I’m also going to miss my peanut butter only having five ingredients.
  2. Being able to go to the beach whenever I want and it’s just a bus away.
  3. Australian desserts. Thankfully I can (apparently) find Tim Tams at Target in the states and make Fairy Bread at home (get excited, roommates and family).
  4. Flat whites. What a beautiful combination of a cappuccino and a latte.
  5. The “no worries” attitude. I reckon I’m going to miss it heaps.
  6. Amazing gelato on every corner. Get on it, America.
  7. People singing “American Woman” to me, or asking if my life is like the show Dallas.
  8. Super cheap produce at Asian markets.
  9. People telling me that my accent makes me sound “classy.”
  10. Laughing at the 15 year-olds at a bar on a weeknight at the bar down the street using their fake IDs.

Just a few more days until I’ll be home and ready to start the next journey called Junior Year!

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