Net Impact Conference 2014 | Minneapolis, MN

This weekend was one for the books. There is something about traveling, football, good food, and healthy conversation that allow for great memories and immutable bonds. The Net Impact 2014 Conference this weekend took place in Minneapolis, Minnesota (or MinneSNOWta as we like to call it) at a balmy 34 degrees. It was a weekend of growth, truth-bringing metaphors, and fantastic memories.

Here are some highlights:

  1. This past week I changed my major to Entrepreneurial Management, a change that I really hoped would be validated at this conference. I could not be happier. With breakouts about food justice, battles for behavior, and more, it was difficult to leave the weekend not wishing to change the world.
  2. When I saw the list of the Fellows going to the conference, I knew this was happening for a reason. On this list were Fellows that I had wished to get to know for a very long time. At this point, I have no idea why I was scared. 
  3. This weekend was full of metaphors. From Robbie losing everything he owned to having it returned back to him safe and sound, to breaking bread with my fellow Fellows, this weekend helped me open my eyes to the ways that God can use me in any situation (and how he is using others to shape me in positive ways).
  4. When Net Impact brings Monsanto to the stage, you know things are about to get really interesting. The woman was well trained to say all of the right things, but what takes the cake is one of the questions she was asked by an audience member. The girl got up there and read almost an entire article and when asked by the moderator to get to the question, she replied,”Let me finish,” and moved on. She finally reached the climax when she looked up and said, “Have you heard of brainwashing?” and left. I don’t remember what the woman replied with, but I remember the large “OH” and awkward silence that fell.
  5. Homemade granola is one of the best things I’ve ever had. I need to find that recipe because although the sign said “One bar per person,” we all had at least two (I think I saw Matt grab five…). Yum.
  6. Although we all had to miss the KState game live at our stadium, there is honestly no place I would have rather been than, in Jessica Cates’ words, “In a living room…In MINNESOTA.” We walked into a British Pub and happened upon an amazing set of couches and a huge TV. We spent the next few hours screaming, jumping, and cheering. We ended the game with our alma mater and a huge Riff Ram, to the confusion of the patrons around us.
  7. As an art lover, sculpture gardens are always fun. What makes them even more fun is random photo shoots on and around all the sculptures. It sure beats a workshop.
  8. Getting up at 3:45 AM for a flight is never fun. Thankfully good friends make up for it.
  9. Watching football in bed and eating ice cream (although it wasn’t Blue Bell) is always a good decision.
  10. We Dem Boyz. Go frogs, go fellows, go Net Impact.


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