The City of Angels

Today, I got back from Los Angeles after a weekend full of fun, music, tourism, and little sleep. Did I study at all for finals? Nope. Did I have a great time? Yes, yes, yes!

  1. Combat boots are made for running – when you have minimal time to get through security and to your gate on time, a swift sprint is typically involved.
  2. Leaving your pillow-pet with TSA on accident is not an easy issue to resolve… Luckily that wild-goose chase worked out. After getting sent to all parts of Dallas-Love Field airport (both places we are allowed and those we are not), Ping and I were happily reunited. He says hello.
  3. My friends and I look like we can sing well, apparently. It’s always a party when you put together carnivals, free things, and talent agents promising free Starbucks.
  4. Pizza and burgers are always good choices, especially when that is basically all you eat for 48 hours.
  5. California has mountains. How foreign!
  6. Even with laryngitis, Taylor Swift sounds 500x better than me (which isn’t saying much, but still). Side note, I need to befriend her stylist…
  7. Ed Sheeran made a surprise appearance and played my favorite song off this album. I’m going to be honest, multiple tears were shed (no judgement, Ed Sheeran is life) and I don’t think I will recover from that glorious moment until he comes to his senses and tours in TX.
  8. If you burst out screaming every word of all of the 5 Seconds of Summer songs, you will get judgmental looks from pre-teens and mothers alike. So. Worth. It.
  9. Seeing James Dean everywhere turns me into Taylor Swift minus the talent. I apologize.
  10. Miley Cyrus designs good milkshakes. Peanut butter cups and cookie dough? Yes, please.
  11. Walking down Rodeo Drive makes me feel fancy *cue Iggy.* Now all I need is a black AMEX…
  12. Watching fireworks is even better while wearing Minnie Mouse ears!
  13. Finding out your team didn’t make the playoffs is even more depressing on an airplane. We had a great season, boys! Go Frogs!

Overall, Heather and I were blessed to be able to travel across the country, see a great friend, and pretend that we didn’t have homework and graduation looming. Much love, LA, and see you soon!

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