The Panamanian Adventure :: Day 1

March 6, 2015

Good evening from Panama! I’m currently in the Ciudad del Saber (City Of Knowledge) after a long day of travel from Dallas. Here’s a rough timeline of my time here so far + some highlights:

04:00 – I am awake, against my will.

04:30 – Off to the airport, surrounded by construction. Imagine that?

05:50 – On the plane – and it’s an aisle seat – score!

This is my view on my connecting flight from Miami to Panama.

06:10 – Pilot announces that we have too much fuel and must spend 25-30 minutes de-fueling. Oh and also, we need to de-ice the runway so we can take off. I was just happy that our flight took off at all with this crazy weather (about half of the group’s flights were cancelled and are going to be here tomorrow – sorry, no canoe trip for you!)

07:10 – Finally, we’re off!

07:30 – I am violently woken up by a flight attendant accidentally spilling water on me.

15:15 – After a layover in Miami, I’m in Panama!

15:30 – I am given some seriously mean looks that say Stupid American for not knowing the exact address of my location I’ll be staying at.

15:45 – I am found by an impatient Panamanian man and four other American students at TCU. Hooray!

16:45 – We have found a random roadside store where I buy Nature Valley bars and my friends get hummus, fig newtons in a strawberry flavor, and chips. Thankfully, they use American money and carry some types of American food.

17:10 – We meet up at the site and head over to a convenience store for more goodies and happen upon a fabulous food court. I know what you’re thinking – Allison, really? A fabulous food court? Yes. That’s exactly what I’m saying. Whatever was on that pollo sandwich (besides the chicken) and in my Very Berry smoothie were delicious.

19:20 – Here I am, sitting in my room, loving the AC. My light keeps going off so randomly I have to get up and open the door. Did I mention this is a LEED certified building and I’m here for sustainability?

Overall, the night is young and I can’t wait for the week to come! I’m alive, can read a bit of Spanish, and I have survived the heat (so far). Catch you tomorrow, Internet!

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