The Panamanian Adventure: Part 2 + 3 – The “Calm” Before the “Work”

March 8, 2015

Good Morning from beautiful Panama! It’s a warm 81 degrees this morning with humidity surrounding us.

Day 2 was even more exciting than the first! Here’s why:

  1. I successfully ordered a croissant! I did get a really weird look when I asked for it, but I got it and it was delicious! It’s the small things.
  2. We took an hour-long bus ride through bumpy rock-filled wilderness. (+ I didn’t throw up.)
  3. We canoed up a river and a fish launched itself at me. I like to believe this means I’m one with nature, but the jury is still out on this one.
  4. I didn’t fall while hiking with wet shoes on the slippery rocks. I believe this has to do with retribution for completely knocking a girl off a waterfall with me in Australia on her 18th birthday.
  5. The endpoint of our hike was a gorgeous waterfall we got to play in! As seen below, this natural back massage was such a cool (no pun intended) experience filled with fish and friendship sticks (that eventually got lost).
  6. I got to eat fruit from Panama (and it wasn’t nasty BLUU fruit!). Although I’m almost positive the mango was from Ecuador, I can’t say I had ever had passion fruit or papaya before.
  7. I got to explore the land around the indigenous tribe, the Embara. Their beautiful landscape was inhibited by a music video for a horrible British band singing the same horrible song over and over again (no offense, Happy Monday’s). I still can’t get that beat out of my head.
  8. I ate a delicious pizza (yes, I know pizza) at a Lebanese restaurant that took us 2.75 hours from start to finish.
  9. A woman came around while we ate and made the guys (minus Dan) to dance with her. She even had a sword and everything! How does she do it all in high-heels? Maybe it’s Maybelline.
  10. Thanks Makenzie for being born and getting us into a cool club for free! We were the first on the dance floor and obviously the worst dancers there, but we didn’t care. I also believe I inhaled so much of the fog that I could be sick at any moment, but the fact that we were all together and having fun made everything worthwhile.
The waterfall SKAWD. Such a beautiful experience!
Dancing with the natives, AKA Ryan being taller than everyone else
Casually looking at a cliff
What a cool rainforest (JK it’s hot here)!


Day 3 is almost done!

Today was a mess when it comes to food.

Breakfast: a no-go. (I’m a huge fan of miscommunication (; ).

We then went to the Panama canal! It’s totally casual that we got to walk around one small platform and see both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. The technology goes over my head, but it was a super informing experience overall.

Lunch: oh my goodness, what an experience. This three hour experience left us unsatisfied but in hysterics. We kept asking ourself, could this be any worse? My noodles were barely cooked, our service was horrible, and Cliff finally got his chicken breast after 2.5 hours of waiting. What. A. Mess. I walked away hungry but my abs were aching from all of the laughing. I colored a pretty picture of a flower from a children’s menu and we all played the box game while waiting.

If you know me, you know I love museums. Now Biodiversity Museums are not typically my forte, but I can’t complain. Giant replicas of ground sloths made me wish I was alive in that time – they were about the size of elephants! The views were gorgeous and the architecture was inspired.

Dinner: lol. Again, Cliff and I were the clear losers in this department. Guess who’s waitress forgot to submit our orders? The music was loud, but we were at the restaurant of a famous boxer and he even sang for us! I’m so thankful for friends who let me scrounge from their plates when my stomach wouldn’t shut up.

Overall, it was a successful day. I’m still hungry and we have to be ready at 6:20 AM, but I don’t really care. Fantastic friends make for a fantastic day and I really can’t complain!

The Panama Canal
Two extinct animals giving me some pretty creepy stares.
The beautiful BioMuseum we went to
A few of my friends taking a horned frog picture with Duran

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