The Panamanian Adventure: CATHALAC

March 9, 2015

Was I happy about getting up at 6:00 today? Not really. Was I pumped to see animals I could have only dreamed of (or seen at the Dallas Zoo/Aquarium)? More than I could say.

Here is the spectacular list of the animals we had the blessing to see:

  • Dan the Toucan 1
  • Dan the Toucan 2
  • Dan the Toucan 3 (can you guess who named them?)
  • Jesus the Basilisk – could I enjoy the references more? Guess how Jesus got his name (A: he walks on water).
  • Timothy (the female) sloth
  • Justin the yellow butterfly
  • Molly the Motmot (a beautiful blue bird)
  • Esteban/Steve the Mono Titi (the two adorable monkeys)

Today, I learned how truly interesting my roommate’s major can be. Before today, my only experience with GPS systems was with my iPhone but today I can proudly say I marked locations of the following:

  • Lamp
  • Lamp 2
  • Mound of dirt
  • Pavilion
  • Trash

Okay in all seriousness I got a true appreciation for the technology available to people of all professions to make the world more known.

I learned about the wetlands of Panama, learned how to use super cool software (nerd alert), and got to work with the best team to get the job done well. Science could really be my thing (lol, I can hear Alissa laughing at this already) if I get to work in a place like this with people this awesome (shout-out Erika, Cliff, and Dan).

Tomorrow we get TWO field trips. Is this elementary school again? (I mean this in a completely genuine and excited way; I’m so pumped to get out into the field and put this bad-boy Garmin GPS to use.)

After work we went to La Playa (the large food court) and I mistook my friend’s t-shirt for a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle shirt. Then he ordered pizza. And he’s basically a ghost at playground games. Coincidence? I think not (shout-out, G).

Now, I’m sitting in the bleachers with my back that is acting up, watching my friends play soccer. Could this beautiful Panamanian night get better? I’ve got a few new movies and books to add to my list (scaring Robert away in the process) and the whole gang is together. Go Panama, go TCU, go friendship.

I’m off to climb trees; hasta luego!

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