The Panamanian Adventure: El Fin

March 15, 2015

As I sit here in the airport in Panama thinking about the past week, I can’t help but be grateful for the people sitting around me. Everyone is filling out their customs forms, sleeping, or on their phones, but we leave this country as a collective body. We came to the country as awkward TCU students and left slightly less awkward, slightly more cultured, and much more aware of the world around us.

I’ve missed a few days because of some late nights, butt (thanks for that addition, Ryan) so here are the updates:

Wednesday morning was a mess. Our group left the office for lunch having to do some serious TSwift shaking it off. Cliff was ready to jump off a cliff he was so angry. Taking four hours to learn something that should take about an hour was frustrating, especially with our project and presentation looming.

Wednesday afternoon came those group projects and teamwork we discuss daily in business, but I don’t think that I’ve had a better group working together on a project before. Most of this, I’m sure, came from our diversity in majors and perspectives but we came up with a successful solution and had a great time doing it. I don’t think I’ve loved going insane with anyone else.

Wednesday night was full of laughs at random things, creation of powerpoints, and writing of papers. It was a tough, long day but it was so worth it to spend time with these people.

the entire team, including our pal Octavio

Thursday morning was spent cramming our project into about three hours left until the countdown and finally giving our presentation (knocking it out of the park, obviously) and listening to the other groups speak to theirs. It was such an eye-opening experience to see how my friends spent their week. The passion that filled the air was incredible because I knew in that moment that I was in the right place.

awkward smiles were the theme of our project.

Last night we went to a bar that was in a cave. Let that sink in a bit. I couldn’t have imagined a better night than pretending I can dance to both American and Spanish music with my friends, having to get up in just a few hours.

my friends are cool.

Do I have to leave?

Now our flight is a bit delayed and Ryan just declared a “cloth mola” on his customs form and both Gunnar and Cliff are asleep. Dallas, here we come!

shoutout to these ladies both for matching me and being as sweet as can be
ROOMS for lyfe


Update: I’m currently sitting in the Miami airport on the ground by a charging station. Gunnar, Cliff, and I ran across the airport at lightning speeds to make our flight. Ryan was thrown into a weird line in TSA and was only able to get on by the grace of God (+Jane).

Then I realized that I’m not on the same flight and I’ve got an hour until take off. Hey, at least I got my exercise in right (+time to update this post!)


yay for uncomfortable photos
CATHALAC in action
bus selfies + smolder

(More serious) LESSONS LEARNED:

  1. Expect nothing, be grateful for everything
  2. There is no need for a comfort zone
  3. Laugh when you get caught in a horrible situation
  4. Why settle for anything less than great friends?
  5. Life is good.

(Less serious) LESSONS LEARNED:

  1. Cliff will always be last at getting things, whether it be food or luggage or service.
  2. Flannels are an important staple to my warmth (and style)
  3. Soft smiles can be just as fabulous as normal smiles
  4. Nothing happens on time. Nothing.
  5. I’m a much happier person with breakfast.

Hope y’all have enjoyed Panama through my eyes!

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