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May 4, 2015

Okay so I promise that title made sense in my head.

God (as always) has been doing incredible things in my life. As I sat around a group of my friends in our fiesta-outfits, I could see God’s mighty hand. 

I am nowhere near the same person I was in January (praise) and I’m so glad I get to do life with these people.


mis amigos

As finals creep around the corner (and by that I mean today), I can see so clearly how much I have grown. Mel created a fishbowl of questions for us to answer about our time with The NET. We got to thinking and to laughing about all of the great and wonderful things that God has given us. Each laugh is from him, each breath is from him. Our time is not our own.

Lately at the Paradox (my church) we’ve been going through the book of Genesis. Now, this sermon series will take upwards of two years, but within Genesis 1 and 2 lies one of the biggest dichotomies that I wrestle with: work v. rest. I’ve always struggled with this. In my mind, resting is lazy. I’m super go go go and when I stop stop stop I feel unaccomplished. This is not true. God created a day of rest before the fall. Rest is to revive, redeem, and restore. How cool is that? 

I’ve been consciously trying to seek out time to build up relationships with others, and his fount overflows. 

Something Pastor Jim said really stuck with me. As a sociology minor, we talk about the secular / sacred topic often. “Nothing is mundane if done to the glory of God; the sacred has absorbed the secular.” 

I wrote almost a month ago in my journal I like to call, “The Musings of a 20-Something”:

For who prays for the devil, the biggest dinner of all?

Why can we not pray so bold for drastic change in our lives? As I sit in the park with my iPhone 6 and TCU ID card and car keys, I feel insecure and ungrateful and obscure.

I am learning more each day about how much impact you can truly have when you bring nothing to the table.

I thank God for my inquisitive nature and the ability to read a crowd; the word “hi” means so much when it’s all you’ve got.

All I need to defeat the devil today is one word, but I’m thankful for everything that flows from it.

I read somewhere that that first line is from Mark Twain (who knows if that’s actually true) but nonetheless it really got me thinking. Why am I so wrapped up in me? 

I think this is one of the biggest lessons God has taught me this semester. The Bible is so thick because of how many times we screw up. The Bible isn’t about me. It’s about Him. To understand what he did, you need to understand who he is. For me, to truly understand who he is means to step into his shoes (in the best way He has planned for me) and get my hands dirty. Most of the time, dirty is meant literally and praise God for this.

And in other situations, people have defined the people we serve as dirty. We are all human and want to be loved. Thankfully, no matter how the world views us, God will always love us and hold us and be by our side. He will never leave you. His “thou shalt not’s” serve as a statement to point you in the direction of joy and prosperity.

Let us all remember that as we hit finals — 

  • God has overcome the world. 
  • Mexican food is delicious.
  • We all have inherent value and worth because of our Father. No one is less than because they have “less than” as defined by today’s standards.
  • Sombreros are awesome.
  • You should never let me stand by the guac bowl without supervision.
  • Praise God for the change in our lives, great friends, and the people we are to become!

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