21 Things I Still Don’t Understand at Age 21

July 21, 2015

1. How anyone could ever make the case that Rory should have ended up with Dean on Gilmore Girls.

Logan all the way.

2. How easy it is to anonymously ruin someone’s reputation — or end their life.

Just because you feel poorly about yourself, are jealous of someone, doesn’t give you the right to tear someone down for feeling confident enough to post a selfie.

(Always like a selfie. Be nice. Smile at people.)

3. People who say they don’t like Taylor Swift.

You like Taylor Swift, you just don’t want to admit it.

(*I’m going to do this post sans-rant about RED-era Tay and how horrible the media was to her*)

I am not somebody else’s opinion of me.

I am not going no where just because I am not where I want to be jet.

I am not damaged goods just because I have made a few mistakes in my life.

I am my own definition of beautiful and worthwhile.

I am wiser, stronger, and smarter because I have made mistakes.

-beautiful lessons of T.S.

If you can watch the video above (a speech she does before the song Clean each night), see how great she is to her fans, and listen to her music and tell me you still don’t like her, you might as well hit that “unfriend” button.

Haters gonna hate, I’m gonna love Taylor Swift. #girlpower #squadgoals

4. How people can like cereal.

Okay yes, unpopular opinion, but the smell of Cheerios makes me gag.

*Now here is the time I request that you don’t act like the middle-school boys I told this fact to and subsequently brought Cheerios to lunch every day for a week.*

5. Why I ever liked low-rise jeans.

I’m sorry, 2000’s Allison.

6. How people can honestly be afraid of being alone or doing things by themselves.

I think that everyone should find things to do on their own and know how to be on their own.

There won’t always be someone to join you at the movies, zip up your dress, or save you from awkward conversation. Learn about yourself, learn about others. Make the most of horribly awkward situations – they make for great memories and stories.

Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset

here’s me at Warped Tour this year by myself (click on me to read about it)

7. Why is it that I never have plans but then I have 15028752 invitations for one meal?

8. Why do baristas never believe me when I say I order “black coffee?”


here is me, drinking black coffee.

Do I scream Pumpkin Spice Latte?

9. Why J.K. Rowling had to be such a tease with Hogwarts.

These books are the reason why I love to read so much and I can’t describe how much these mean to me. (I recommend you don’t bring the books up if you want to avoid a 30 minute rant.)

But seriously? Coppell schools have nothing on Hogwarts.


yeah, I’m a Hufflepuff. We’re good finders.

10. Why can’t I have a cool accent?

I don’t even have a Texas accent. Rip. Off.

11. Why I need a husband (or even a boyfriend) when I’m basically married to bands.

  • I woke up in the middle of the night in Australia (last year) to buy tickets for a concert that is 18 days from now (now I’m trying not to freak out about how excited I am for this)
  • I’m writing this sentence at 6:00 (a.m. for those of you not using military time on the regular) for a release of a new single – it’s killer by the way
  • Music was there when people weren’t.
  • I have a separate iCloud calendar for concerts.
  • Constantly thinking, “lol you’re not ____”
  • It’s basically my Twitter feed.

12. How the media can say such misconstrued and messed up things (and think it’s okay).


prime example

Okay I promise I’m not always talking about TSwizzle (okay maybe I am), but she’s just got such ace examples for what I’m all about.

I literally just read another Twitter headline about this – this time the story about a man – and it made me mad all over again. It’s bad journalism. It’s bad press (yes I am mad that you lied to me). And it shouldn’t be okay.

13. Why people expect me to know what I’m doing after graduation.

If I knew, I would be doing it right now. I promise.

14. People who are always hot.

Hi, I’ll take a blanket with a side of fuzzy socks please.

15. People who hate cats.


16. What it is about vinyl or polaroids that make the experience so much better.

Maybe it’s the fact that they both are tangible representations of the music and photos.

Maybe it helps us release our inner hipster.

The world may never know.

17. Why did Facebook have to add Facebook Messenger as an app that is “required?”

Because they can. And they hate us.

Zuckerberg is probably sitting on his yacht laughing at us groan every time we have to open it.

18. People who feel the need to wear other schools’ merch on a TCU campus tour.

I’m a campus tour guide. I don’t get commission on you coming here. Please stop rubbing other schools in my face in hopes that I try to win you over.

I won’t.

19. Why do I still know that the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell but know nothing about filing taxes or anything useful about growing up?


20. Why can’t I look good in hats?

21. How I lucked out with such awesome friends.

I asked my friends to send me things they don’t understand. Here’s what I got:












The hardest part about this post was narrowing down the list to 21 – and I’m going to guess the list gets longer each year. Sigh.


UPDATE :: 21 Things I WANT to Understand


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