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Concert Review: Oct 8 – 17

October 22, 2015

Halsey Concert

Badlands Tour

I won’t bore you with all of my photos from this show (mostly because they’re blurry), but if you can vision a crowd of high-school girls, smoke machines, and flashing lights, you’re basically at the show with me.

Halsey is 21-years old, just like me, and she’s incredibly talented, and I was in the second row off a bit to the side, but I couldn’t see her much at all. Between the smoke and teenage girls holding their phones in the air, I was left to my own devices (pun intended) – singing and jumping along.


All Time Low + Sleeping With Sirens

Back to Future Hearts Tour

all time low concert

oh hey, good lookin’

I drove down to Houston with Lindsay for this concert, and it was the best 8 hours in a car because of it. I loved the main act, the opening act, AND the opening act for the opening act. I had only seen the latter in concert before so it was new and exciting and all-together a great night.

I don’t think I’ve ever been somewhere surrounded by more couples and people on dates. I didn’t know that a pop-punk concert screamed “date night,” but I guess there’s a first time for everything.


oh hey, good lookin’ (part II)


Taylor Swift Concert

1989 Tour

I’ve had these concert tickets since November of last year, so it was so weird for me to actually have this all come to fruition. I honestly still have issues believing she’s a real person but nonetheless, I had an incredible time.

The lights, the dancing, the Clean Speech, the Secret Songs, the costumes – what more could you want? (Okay maybe meeting Taylor. Next time, next time).


now we’ve got bad blooooooooood



why yes, Tay did bring out Ellie Goulding (AKA fabulous British pop royalty)

When Taylor brought out Ellie Goulding, I almost lost it. I’m seeing her in concert in Dallas in December and I literally can’t wait. TCU had Hunter Hayes come the night before (when I was in Houston for ATL/SWS) so I had a hidden feeling he’d be at 1989. But I lucked out big time (no offense, Hunter).


r e u n i t e d

The best part? I got to be reunited with my best friends. Oh Taylor, bringing people together (no matter how much Kayla dislikes her music).

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