Dressember 2015

December 2, 2015

UPDATE: I promise I finished the Dressember challenge, I just wasn’t the best about posting each outfit… Take my word for it?


Hello friends!

This December I’m partnering with thousands of other ladies across the country and the International Justice Mission to raise money to stop human trafficking around the world.

What do we do? We wear a dress!

We’re raising awareness as well as money — if you want to donate, click HERE.

Dressember Day 1 :: Jingle Ball Dallas

Don’t worry, y’all, I’m still alive. This day was so magical it’s getting it’s own post – watch out for it and I’ll link it HERE when it’s up!

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

Second row, baby!

Dressember Day 2 :: Class + Court


For The Net, every other Wednesday we go to RISE court to celebrate our ladies, their progress, and their recovery! It’s an amazing testament to see a women stand up and speak so proudly of getting a new chip for AA or NA or finishing a class or having a birthday. So much love for these awesome ladies.

(I promise I’m wearing a dress!)

Dressember Day 3 :: School…

Today featured me in class, at the BLUU, at class, and then at the BLUU again. Nothing too special here, but God is glorified in the little things, right?


Doesn’t my textbook have a cool cover?

Dressember Day 4 :: Bingo + Academy 4 + FORMAL

Seeing our Bingo friends this morning come in from the cold in multiple layers, volunteering with my beautiful fourth-grade mentee from a lower SES neighborhood to teach her about having a positive attitude, and then me putting on a nice dress (and converse instead of heels) for our winter formal, I couldn’t help but think about the millions of women around the world who aren’t as fortunate. I put on a dress tonight to jump around a dance floor with my best friends, but it symbolizes more than that. Through this campaign we’re raising money and awareness so that the 27 million women can go to bed as happy and context as I will tonight, safe from the horrors of this world.

Dressember Day 5


Today I’m so blessed to have a roommate who can cook us a delicious dinner, but I’m also thankful for the opportunity to help raise awareness for the women around the world who may never see a meal quite like this because of what they’re forced to do.

Dressember Day 6 :: PRDX


Today I woke up at 7:13 and had to be at church (which is a 10 minute drive) at 7:30 to serve. Man oh man, I did not want to put on a dress today. But I did; I did it for the millions of women around the work who deserve to feel beautiful and worthwhile and get to go to a church like The Paradox where they are loved and can grow in Him.

Dressember Day 7 :: Monday @ TCU


always a bummer when you forget to take a photo and have to mirror-selfie it

According to my mother every Monday is a Monday at TCU, but according to the school they aren’t as frequent. For much of the day I was stuck in a glorious khaki skirt and polo (pulled together with a purple flannel and black converse, a favorite of our Dean of Admissions), so I threw on a dress at about 3:45pm and it wasn’t the most enthralling of transitions.

After telling students and parents about how great TCU is, it really hit me how fortunate I am to attend such a University. The average girl brought into prostitution is 12-14 years old – I can’t image how much different our lives are, even with our opportunities, but we all deserve to live as if we’re clothed in strength and dignity.

Dressember Day 8 :: RISE Christmas Party


Why yes, that is me hiding under that gray scarf in the back corner…

Today after my presentation where I had to wear bright colors, I was stuck sporting a bright floral dress all day. Not necessarily the most “fall” looks, but I think my new scarf from the White Elephant Exchange is a look I can get behind.

Tonight we celebrated the end of the semester with our Purchased Program at The Net and it was an incredible representation of what I’m doing this month; Dressember is about giving women around the world the ability to feel beautiful and loved. These women were so joyous seeing their new scarves and couldn’t wait to show them off!

Dressember Day 9 :: Last Day of Class + Ladera Christmas


Shoutout to these beautiful humans for keeping me (mostly) sane this semester while writing a book with twenty-something students. PICK UP A COPY HERE (: Soon to be on Amazon and iBooks! It was a heck of a journey, but we did it!

Tonight was also the Ladera Christmas party where we had like 50 children running around and I put myself in charge of asking, “spoon or fork?” and handing them a napkin. We got to read the Christmas story to a bunch of kids coming from backgrounds and religions that aren’t our ow so I always find that to be incredible know that God is working in such cool ways. (*Sadly I had to wear pants for this endeavor*)

Dressember Day 10 :: Dead Days

We’ve finally hit double digits!

Today is Dead Days where we get time off to study (or not) for finals. I’m doing a little bit of both (:

We transitioned over our Exodus Leadership team today – such a great two years of my life!


Dressember has already raised almost $350,000 – and it’s only day 10!!

Dressember Day 11 :: Tours

Today I gave 2 tours and did homework all day, BUT it was my dad’s birthday! It made me realize how so many of these women don’t have a great father to celebrate.


Dressember Day 12 :: Homework…

Today was another day on the study grind so I didn’t do too many fun things. Sometimes, you need a solid friend date to let you pretend you didn’t go vegetarian.


So thankful for these great friendships and friends who don’t look at me weird when I ask them to take photos like this.

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