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Concert Experience: Jingle Ball Dallas 2015

December 2, 2015

This concert was definitely the best concert I’ve ever been to. Let me tell you about the best day of my life. Okay that might be an exaggeration but I’m 99% sure it’s not.


Section 11, row B, seats 3-4

Over fall break, Jingle Ball tickets went on sale. If you’ve ever seen my Twitter feed, it’s filled with gripes about Ticketmaster and this day was no exception. Alas, Kayla and I had to use StubHub to get tickets.

*Flash forward to this Monday*

I’m in class and receive a call and voicemail from iHeart Radio casually saying, “Hi Allison, I’m calling about the tickets and Meet & Greet you’ve won for Jingle Ball tomorrow. Give me a call back, thanks!” After a phone call and a drive to Dallas and back, Kayla and I had tickets for SECOND ROW seats in our possession.

If I’m being honest, the only place I’ve had second-row seats to is in my classrooms (gotta get in that T zone if you know what I mean), so this was a shock. If I’m going to be even more honest, Kayla and I were both in tears about getting to see two of our favorite bands from the second row.

This night truly showed me how good God is and how much he works in our lives during every little (or big celebration).

Phase 1 :: Travel

Our drive was pretty uneventful except for a very nice Italian restaurant letting us use their bathrooms before we waited in our car for parking lots to open. Standing in line was pretty typical too, except for the two of us holding onto our tickets just a little bit tighter than normal.

They wouldn’t let us into our seats for half an hour so we got to hear 5SOS soundcheck, so that was definitely a plus.

Walking out to our seats was literally a dream come true. Second row is like REALLY close.

Phase 2 :: The Backstage Tour

We met a girl (actually from my hometown, which was totally crazy) who took us backstage and showed us around. Our first stop was right by the M&G room, where 5SOS was signing guitars for something.

*I’m very impressed with how calm Kayla and I were during this whole experience because I was about to cry and fall on the floor. My little fangirl heart just couldn’t take it.*

LUKE HEMMINGS waved at us. CALUM HOOD and I made eye contact, so does that make us married?

Then as we continued to walk by, none other than LIAM PAYNE walked by with his best friend Andy.

As we were standing backstage, someone said, “Lemme go get Shawn,” and I must say, SHAWN MENDES, the back of yo head is ridiculous.

Phase 3 :: The Concert


  • SLSP
  • Hey Everybody!
  • Amnesia
  • Jet Black Heart
  • She’s Kinda Hot

I have no idea how I survived being 8 feet from them as they performed.

best concert ever.

why yes, this is my computer background


During this time period, sadly but worth it, we were backstage to film a commercial with KISS FM and D&M Leasing (the company sponsoring our package we won.)

Kayla and I are incredibly awkward on camera, but I promise I’ll link the video once I get a copy.

Here we saw LOUIS TOMLINSON and his sister Lottie and hairdresser Lou (she is goals) and LIAM again.


Sadly, you couldn’t really see ZEDD from outside his booth.


I’m gonna meet you!!! <– what was going through my head the entire time.

  • Marvin Gaye
  • One Call Away
  • See You Again

hi Charlie!

Today is his birthday! He’s also incredibly adorable.


  • The Outside
  • On My Mind
  • Burn
  • Love Me Like You Do

Slay, Ellie, Slay. Wow she’s incredible.



I guess you could say I was very uncomfortable during this set…


The girl sitting next to us got to meet him and she had to introduce him on stage for his set! (She was awesome and it made for a fun time chatting with her and her brother/boyfriend ((we couldn’t, sadly)).)

  • Life Of The Party
  • I don’t even know your name
  • Stitches



Their band waved at Kayla and I and it was awesome.

  • Drag Me Down
  • History
  • AM
  • Love You Goodbye
  • No Control
  • Story of my life
  • Infinity

During their last song was our 0.5 second M&G with Charlie Puth so we kinda missed it, but we both agreed it was our least favorite of their songs. Louis Tomlinson AGAIN acknowledged my existence so I’m 84% sure he remembered me from earlier that night in the hallway (to be confirmed).

Meeting Charlie Puth was one of the funniest things I’ve done. He’s great, but we were funneled in so quickly that I got to say “Hi Charlie!” and take a photo before we were whisked away to let the next people come in. I’m sure I’m super sweaty, but at least I got to run back to 1D for the end.

I obviously can't look at a camera

I obviously can’t look at a camera


Too bad Taylor is in Australia, that would have been fun.


  • Confident
  • Heart Attack
  • For You
  • Stone Cold
  • Yes
  • Cool For The Summer

Demi was the source of the title for this post because I completely relate. It was almost midnight at this point and man was I tired.


We made eye contact for an entire verse during Cool For The Summer.

One of my favorite things was being able to see the difference in her stage presence from the first time I saw her until now. I saw her open for the Jonas Brothers during my sophomore year of high school with my drill team and if I could only use one word to describe it, the word would be “awkward.” She’s grown into a superstar and I’m super proud.

Phase 4 :: Travel and Wrap-up

Wowowowow. Post Concert Depression is real, y’all. I felt like a celebrity. There was a woman PAID to take pictures of us throughout the night and people kept asking us who we were. I liked it.

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