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The 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

August 5, 2016

I LOVE the Olympics. Love. So, I’m challenging myself to write about it during this experience – here we go!

August 5th

Today is the Opening Ceremony. I learned two big facts coming into tonight’s viewing:

  1. This is the first Olympic Games in South America.
  2. This is the third Olympic Games in the Southern Hemisphere (the other two being in Australia).

This seriously blew my mind. Although not as populous as many of the other continents, the fact that this metropolitan continent is only now having this experience (and that I get to watch it live) is pretty incredible.

Thoughts on the ceremony?

~ I loved how they incorporated their native peoples into the ceremony – the people they asked to be in their ceremony are all descendants of the native peoples. What a cool way to share their history.

~ Also, I love that they’re not afraid to stand up for what they believe in. They’ve got documented evidence that they were in flight before the Wright Brothers and they used this to show some of the coolest sights of the city – shade thrown with purpose.

~ ALSO, I love Giselle. This incredible stage as her last catwalk ever? Great choice. (**update: she was getting flack for the catwalk being too long?! do we not have other things to speak about?)

~ Being able to celebrate the favelas (the poorest neighbourhoods in Brazil) is something I find incredibly honorable. They mention that they are the “poorest in the country, richest in culture,” showing their vibrant colors, diverse music styles, and snazzy dance moves. They embrace, not hide, this part that has made them who they are – a country divided that they’re working against.


~ These outfits are incredible. I love how casual the walk-through is – there is dancing and wow everyone just looks so happy. Allllllll the selfies.

{The motto of the ceremony? Think globally, act locally.}

August 6th

TCU Athletic’s Rio Promo

^^^ Check this link out! TCU has a few Olympians in Rio this month (including one of my roommates to my trip to Panama during spring break of my junior year!)


we went to watch Lorraine (in the pouring rain, lol) so now I can say I’ve seen an Olympian compete live – sadly I can’t find the picture with her actually in it

~ The first gold medal for the entire games goes to a teenage girl from West Virginia. Heck yeah.

~ One of the things that makes me laugh the most is the men’s socks in gymnastics. There is something about how little-boy-ish they seem when they bring their toes together in comparison to the muscles and skill that just seems wrong (but oh so right).

~ Maya Dirado is SO cool. She’s smart, talented, and seems to have her life wayyy more put together than I do. (Obviously she’s not perfect nor is her life perfect, but come on – she’s married, has a house, has a job at McKinsey & Co waiting for her, and went to Standford. Oh yeah, and she’s 23. Sounds pretty cool to me.)

~ Buttttt Maya was no match for Katina Hosszu, especially (probably) in the husband department. See below for proof (I guess Silver will have to do for Dirado).

~ How did Ye Shiwen not qualify again? (Hosszu seriously shattered her record on the IM.)

August 7th

~ Syncronized diving turns me super judgmental. Ex: “How dare you over rotate??”

~ I didn’t get to watch much gymnastics due to my eating location (beef noodles, yum) so that’s a bummer but thankfully there is more to come. Come to think of it, I did see Simone’s floor routine and *insert googly eyes here*.

~ Adam Beaty. Wow this race made me so happy with the huge margin and cute British accent. The guy broke his own record from earlier in semis and was first British gold-medal swimmer since the 80s. Hello, future of British swimming.

~ Cody Miller – SO happy!!! because he was SO happy!!!

~ The member of the refugee team that won her heat (remember seeing headlines of a girl dragging the boat taking her and a group of asylum seekers when it broke down? that’s her.) didn’t make the semifinals and that makes me incredibly sad but incredibly happy that her story was told. They of all people know how difficult it can be to get to the Olympics (and in their case, stay safe).

Read the stories here.

~ Katie Ledecky  = girl crush. She (like Beaty) broke her own world record today and (unlike any other) finished 5 (yes you read that correctly) seconds ahead everyone else. And another American came in bronze!!

(**update: yes, I shed a small tear during this medal ceremony)

~ WOW that 4×100 sure made my mom get off the couch and cheer/scream/dance.

~ That British girl landing on head??? That either shows how much her head got hurt or her extreme commitment to the team (+ her sister, who is also on the team).

~ Madison – DALLAS DALLAS DALLAS. That is all.

~ Overall with the gymnastics: incredible but WILL SOMEONE QUOTE STICK IT PLZ.

August 8th

~ Again with the synchronized diving? Instantly when I heard about the two Americans and that one was named Steele, I thought of the show “The Middle.” You know the character Axl? When he’s born his mother decides to name him that because she thinks people with cool names will be cooler people. Sounds like Steele’s parents were of the same mentality. *But kudos to you on your silver medal* *also shoutout to y’all for talking about Jesus*

~ I know that Missy Franklin has more in store, but it sure was a bummer that she didn’t even qualify for the 200 final tomorrow.

Update: Today (8/12) she posted a super cool post about Jesus and wow that’s super cool that she’s using her position to glorify Him.

~ I don’t even have to watch the swimming if I didn’t want to (but I still do) because I can tell exactly how the American is doing by her chanting “go go go ” v. “no no no” (thankfully in this specific instance we still got bronze.

~ Ryan Murphy in elementary school did a school project as a booklet saying that he was going to be an Olympian one day. Sounds like he can time travel because, guess what? He just won a gold medal.

~ The Australian women won the Rugby gold and that takes me back to my days in AUS. They have this tournament each year of NSW v. Queensland and this was when I gained a true appreciation for the sport. Aussie Aussie Aussie (oi oi oi)!

~ After all this Russia doping drama, I’m happy King won gold (and that another American won bronze). She’s not afraid to speak her mind and show that American can win while still clean.

August 9th

~ When you’re not watching TV and scroll through Twitter to see that the USA Women’s Gymnastics team wins gold… (#spoiler alert please)

~ I’m super into China’s tards (that’s leotard without the leo, in case you were wondering).

~ What’s with all of these open seats??? (Note, people all over the world have asked this question too.)

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 8.11.58 PM

Katie Meili was an intern at the Kimbell Art Museum!! (ME too!!!) Does that make us the same person?

~ What was this whole big deal with Phelps and Le Clos? The guy didn’t even medal? {Le Clos but not cigar, lol <– I wish I made this joke up}

~ Whoever made Phelps’ cap is in troubleeeeeee.

~ The gymnasts’ leotards are worth $1,200 each. Dang. {now we’ve got crystal and gold}

August 10th

~ Walsh Jennings / Ross are actually wearing some kind of clothing tonight other than swimsuits (you go girls for being able to wear that) – AND WJ is 24-0 in Olympic Plays.

I’d bet on them with those odds.

~ Yes, I’d ship Simone Biles and Zac Efron. They’ve both got abs (and talent).

~ Daryl Homer became the first American to win silver in men’s individual sabre in 112 years and that’s super exciting.

I’d like to think that The Parent Trap had something to do with that.

~ I’m always one for an underdog and Dmitriy Balandin (from Kazakhstan) is/was just that. He finished last in the qualifier and won the gold! Haters gonna hate, man.

~ I’m finally asking the question. Did Katie Ledecky do the Taylor Swift haircut or did Taylor Swift do the Katie Ledecky haircut (yes, I am too lazy to Google when they got their haircuts. no, don’t judge me for it)???

~ I think that Nathan Adrian is a beam of sunshine that should be protected at all costs. I mean look at how smiley he is!!! And how winning he is!!!

August 11th

~ Phelps has as many medals as I am old. Is that discouraging? A bit.

~ simone but ALY. Yes I’m super excited for Simone because she seems adorable and incredible but wow I was way more excited for Aly because of last time and the fact that I seem to relate to her more.

 They say the sequel is never as good as the sequel. Aly Raisman proved them wrong

~ This Russian girl is PAINFUL to watch. How can I not find a video on YouTube of this? Where is her balance? (Though I respect her still trying. Four for you, Glen Coco.)

~ This Brazilian girl is doing her floor routine to a Beyoncé remix. Heck yeah.

~ Simone to Aly’s scores had a margin greater than the ones of years 1980 to 2012 combined. Wow. Apparently 2.something is a huge margin. Who knew?

~ The country of Fiji won their first medal ever today AND it was a gold. Setting the bar high, boys. (The fraternity should be proud.)

~ The first African-American woman to win an individual swimming medal happened today and she was crying and I was trying not to cry and wow you go girl.

Her brother played Basketball at SMU. #gostangs

~ Justin Rose (from the UK) made the first modern hole in one today at the Olympics. Even though I’m not that keen on having golf as a sport in the Games, that’s pretty cool.

August 12th

TCU Alum Bren Folan in Rio. #GOALS {there is even an article on People now!}

~ US Women’s soccer lost today. Bummer.

~ Ya girl Dirado is back at it again! Broke a nail, but totally worth it for the gold. Apparently her worst event. I wish my “worst event” was that good.

~ Is it just me or do all of these track athletes seem to be having a really tough time today?

~ Three guys tied for silver??? Also, the guy who beat them met Phelps in ’08 when he was 13. How cool would that be to meet and then later beat a guy like him?


I found this photo today and there is just something about it is hysterical.

~ This playlist is BOMB.

~ In this 800m freestyle, Ledecky has the TWELVE fastest times in the world. Bro, could you let someone else shine for once? (plz don’t though)


~ Odds Maya Dirado actually retires?

~ This link is a Buzzfeed article showing the tracksuits that the US has worn over the years. Goals. –> USA Athleisure @ The Olympic Games

~ There is a male swimmer named Simonas Bilis. What.

~ This guy who just won (Ervin) won this same race SIXTEEN years ago.

~ Michelle Carter wins USA’s first-ever Olympic gold medal in women’s shot put. My mom went to school with his dad so basically I know her.

~ Watch this video. You won’t be disappointed –> Kazakhstan weightlifter dancing

~ The girl who got the Silver in the 100m backstroke is battling Crohn’s and I just find that so inspiring! I can only imagine how hard she’s had to work despite this incurable setback; she’s in an incredible position to inspire people all around the world that dreams can come true.

August 13th

~ “The U.S. women’s eight won its 11th consecutive major title Saturday, claiming its third Olympic gold medal in a row. The Americans haven’t been beaten since 2006, winning every world championships and Olympic title since then.” (USA Today) Wow. What. A. Headline.

~ The 10,000m is a lot more stressful than it sounds.

~ Nadal is out, which normally wouldn’t be that exciting for me but an Argentine beat him so I’m fairly excited. He defeated Djokavic and Nadal. Wow. {and then Argentina beat Brazil in basketball}

~ With her team, Ibtihaj Muhammad won a bronze medal in the team sabre event (she’s the first US Olympian compete in hijab).

~ Women’s 4×100 IM goes for gold! It was the US’ 1,000th gold medal at a Summer Games.

~ AND so does men!!!

~ Aaaaaand Phelps is done. (probably.)

August 14th

~ Alex from the Men’s Gymnastics team got a bronze on an event which is super cool because sadly the men’s team rarely wins (or gets any coverage).

~ A bunch of the swimmers we’re robbed at gunpoint???

~ Madison Kocian wins silver on the uneven bars. I guess I’ll let Aliya Mustafina have the gold, but I’m not that happy about it.

~ I don’t exactly know which day this video was released, but there were two Fox News members on air talking about how they wished that women Olympians wore makeup and WOW this is really irritating. There is also people around the Twittersphere that are upset because Gabby didn’t do her hair perfectly during her routines. They’re freaking talented and freaking gorgeous just the way they are.

Reasons I wear makeup:  because I like it. Not reasons why I wear makeup: Boys, other people, because I have to.

~ And Murray gets gold! Too bad for the Argentine (but it’s a good thing I like Murray).

~ And Usain Bolt gets the gold but not by a lot… {“I knew from the semis I’d be the champion.” yeah. sure.} Unpopular opinion: I’m over him.

~ I’m just going to go ahead and say that I don’t really care who wins something if they get excited. And Arthus Mariano (of Brazil, gymnastics) is a perfect example. After finishing his floor routine he was just jumping and screaming and smiling and I’d give you the bronze in floor (but the gold in enthusiasm).

I always giggle when I see the guys when they do the floor routine and their hands are in blades.

~ Why are you weeping on the floor??? I guess Brazil is a bit excited for a silver and bronze on floor?

~ Poor (Japanese) guy, not being able to stick his landing. He’s the “Twisting Prince” for goodness sake!

~ Hearing people cheer for others hopping/falling is disheartening.

Screen Shot 2016-08-14 at 9.06.46 PM


~ This gymnast from Uzbekistan is 41!!!

August 15th

~ YES Synchronized Swimming!!! Reminds me of A Cinderella Story where her two step sisters are horrible synchronized swimmers (except for the fact that these girls are great).

~ The dock that the open water swimmers are supposed to jump off was destroyed on Friday, so the swimmers had to swim to the opening “line” that they just made up. Huh.

~ How are these people running on that slick and wet track?

~ Watching people false start never gets easier.

~ I call absolute BS on Felix getting the silver. This girl literally jumps and lands on the ground to make it past the line before Felix while Felix actually runs through the finish line. Ugh. I guess that just shows how incredible Allyson is – she could basically win with an ankle injury. And Allyson is the most decorated female track athlete so that’s cool.

~ Way to go Laurie!!

~ They seriously need to rethink this whole “wind making people dive horribly” thing. I guess it separates the mentally prepared from the rest?

August 16th

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 9.35.27 PM


~ *NBC isn’t showing the Women’s Long Jump Semi’s so I’m consistently refreshing the internet to find out about Lorraine*

~ Go frogs! She qualified for finals!

~ Jenny Simpson wins bronze in the women’s 1,500 meters (she’s the first American female to ever medal in the event)!!!

I know this isn’t technically about the Games but it’s an incredible story of someone doing something incredible in Rio.

~ Aly Raisman’s parents need a reality show. They’re hysterical!

~ What was that music Italy was playing? That’s some scary opera, bro.

~ I want some of that fancy tape our volleyball players wear.

~ Shoutout to Danell Leyva for getting two silver medals for the parallel bars and the high bar. Setting the bar high, huh?

~ Walsh Jennings / Ross lost last night to Brazil and that’s a big deal because WJ was 26-0 in Olympic matches but when you’re playing the home team (who was ranked higher than them) and the home crowd is pulling out all the stops, it’s bound to happen. Now let’s go get the bronze!

August 17th

Anyone still surprised I’ve kept up with this?

~ USA swept the 100m hurdles and I bet that must be super fun on the podium because it isn’t the awkward “they ain’t gonna play your song but you’ve got to stand here and look normal” experience. Also, they all match.

~ Lorraine (long-jump) made it to the finals but didn’t make it to the smaller group within the finals. Bummer. Still exciting though!! My mom pulled up last night’s footage of it for me on her iPad and those Miley space buns are on point girl.

~ Butttttt, an American won the long jump so that’s cool.

~ This whole “Lochte + other swimmers” headline is a bit confusing.

This is one of the best headlines of the games: Best Hugs of the Olympic Games

August 18th

~ So now Lochte + others were lying? Committing vandalism? Hmm.

This is disappointing to me, especially because there have actually been robberies/muggings in the city in connection to other athletes and now he’s making their stories look bad.

~ A coach for one of the German teams was tragically killed in a car accident the other day but guess what? He was an organ donor!!! Check out the cool link here!

~ And there goes Bolt with his 8th Olympic gold!

~ Ashton Eaton gets the gold in the decathlon!!! His commercials with his girlfriend (fiance?) are pretty funny. But it always throws me off because a girl in my sorority at TCU is named Ashlyn Deaton so I keep thinking I’m hearing her name on TV.

~ The USA now has the gold in men’s shotput. I still can’t believe this is a sport (though I don’t discredit how hard it is at all); who decided, “let’s throw this object and see who can throw it the hardest?”

August 19th

I didn’t get to watch much tonight but I did walk in the front door to my mom sitting on the coffee table yelling, “GO GO GO!” at the American’s running the relay. Too bad they couldn’t hear her through the TV.

~ This morning I did get to watch the Russian synchronized swimming and WOW. So good.

~ That women’s team that had to petition their disqualification in the relay won gold tonight. Sounds like it worked out for them.

~ How am I the same age as Tom Daley? He literally has NO splash!!!

August 20th

~ Well, I stand corrected. Tom Daley didn’t even qualify tonight…

~ Watching the Brazil v. Germany game was intense!!! Overtime and then overtime and then shootout! GO Brazil!

~ Apparently Simone Biles gets to be the flag bearer (is that the right word?) for the closing ceremony. Thankfully she’s incredibly strong because that flag is as big as she is.

August 21th

Aaaaaand they’re done.

I was in another state for the closing ceremony so I didn’t get to see too much of it, but I did see Simone as the flag bearer so that’s cool.

I’d like to say something super profound after this experience of writing each day of the Olympics, butttttt I’m not sure I can think of anything that great…

~ EL FIN. ~

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