Coffee at Luke’s Diner – Gilmore Girls Nationwide Popup Shop

Today I spent the morning drinking coffee at Luke’s Diner in Stars Hollow.

No, I’m not hallucinating, I’ve got the cup to prove it.

Much like the Gilmore Girls, I need a cuppa joe (or three or four) before I can truly function.

I’d like to think that Paris Geller would like Mouse Rat, too.

Across the country, in honor of the first showing of Gilmore Girls, coffee shops were serving free brews with a Luke’s cardboard holder (what even is that called?) and cup with a Snapchat code that unlocked a new filter when you scanned it and a quote quote from the show about their beloved drink of choice. I later learned that there were multiple cups with different quotes, from the past and the future. Mine read:

Everything in my life has something to do with coffee. I believe in a former life, I was coffee.” – Lorelai (Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life)

The line was absolutely insane, but the smartest thing I did was eat. The line to be sat down to eat actually was very short! Our faux Luke’s was actually the Coffee House Cafe in North Dallas and their pancakes (& crispy bacon) do not disappoint!

Overall, I think the Girls would be proud of us – my drink was free and black, just the way it should be!

my "artsy" snap from the shop!


Now, November 25th can’t come soon enough!

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