Reading Challenge 2016

This year I challenged myself to read 50 books. When I did it, reading 50 books didn’t sound so bad. When I realized that this equates to reading roughly one book a week, I was a bit more skeptical about my abilities. I figured that because I finally did it, I might as well have something other than my Goodreads account to show for it!

Below I’ve compiled the books I’ve read this year for your viewing / reading / buying pleasure (chronologically)!

My Favorites:

Top YA Fiction (can you tell I like reading YA fiction?)

  • Everything Everything
  • Girl in Pieces
  • Mosquitoland
  • The Memory Book
  • Challenger Deep

Top Thriller

  • A Study in Charlotte
  • Moth Girls
  • All The Missing Girls

Top Biography

  • I Am Malala

Let me know in the comments below which books you were reading this year!

Finished this post and want more? Look no further! I’m more than halfway through my 2017 List!

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