No Food For Me | 30 Hour Famine 2017

February 20, 2017

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This coming Friday, a few of our middle schoolers + high schoolers (+ me) are doing the 30 Hour Famine with World Vision (linked in case you’re super interested or have never heard of this). This is a period of 30 hours where the group of us, as well as groups at hundreds of churches around the world, will go without food for 30 hours to raise money for people around the world who are hungry.

We used to do this when I was in middle- and high-school and I LOVED it. I loved being able to be a part of something around the world to impact those who need it most. I loved the fact that I could actually do something tangible and see results.

Food is basically a hobby for me. Giving up food is hard, but it’s also such a reality check. A few of the younger students at church have asked me about the aching pains they get when they go without food for a few hours at school or playing; how could I do it for thirty hours?! The look on their faces when I share with them about the people around the world who experience this every single day is so memorable to me. Saturday morning, our parents are going to be waiting with plates of hot breakfasts for us – I really can’t have such an attachment, right?

I like to think of my friend, Herbert (fuzzily, pictured below). Even though he’s my “child” through Compassion International, not World Vision, he’s on my mind nonetheless. He lives in Uganda, seven years old, loves art, and has a twin brother named Norbert (no, I’m not kidding).

He’s able to be bold, learn (about everything, including Jesus) in school, run, play, and thrive because of people in his town getting him resources and loving him well. While I hope to meet him someday, right now my gifts/talents lie in the money I send each month. We’ve all got different callings – maybe this monetary gift is your calling right now?

his favorite food is eggs!

I encourage you to think about ways that you can tangibly help someone today – whether it be donating to our church’s endeavor (*wink wink*), smiling at someone in the halls, buying someone coffee, or planting a tree. We’ve all got to start somewhere!


(If you’d rather donate via cash or check or Venmo, hit me up!)

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