Sneaky Selfies with Shakespeare

It came time for the fiscal year to end and that meant PTO about to burn. I chose to spend one of those days at the Dallas Arboretum because it’s spring and, hey, I like flowers. This post is mostly amateur iPhone 6 photography of flowers, funny names, and a sneaky selfie with Shakespeare.


“Flower Power” – according to the pamphlet


So Beauty and the Beast, right?


This section, I like to call “Plants with Funny Names”



At one point during the day, around lunchtime, I found myself in a blue lawn chair reading and pretending I was in the movie La La Land. The pianist, Lee Harbaugh, played a few scores that I recognized (and enjoyed) and we spoke about La La Land (which he hasn’t seen) and Hamilton (which neither of us has seen) and you should definitely him check out.





If you haven’t been to the Dallas Arboretum, you definitely should make a point to.


“Celebrate, Celebrate, and dance to the music.” – feat. my leg.


what else could you need?


what a looker
and the photo you’ve all been waiting for.


The day wasn’t anything spectacular, but it was a day I’ll remember for the spring heat, the beautiful blooms, pretending that I can do photography and the “not being at work” part. I’ll remember the fact that I saw Panic! at the Disco that same night and that I smelled of sunscreen and arrived home with a smile plastered across my face. I’ll remember that this was a great day.

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