That Time I Gave Up Makeup

April 16, 2017

This Lent I decided to give up makeup.

I love makeup and wearing it and buying it and having it. I love watching beauty YouTubers and trying new things. The thing I don’t love is how easy it is for me to get to sucked into how I look and how my identity can often be found in things other than Jesus.

In our world of social media, we are surrounded by things telling us that we aren’t good enough but Jesus tells us that we are enough and that we are HIS! How cool is that?

I thought that this would be a really interesting experiment for Lent because it seemed like a great outward expression of an inward experience. (I was right.) My hope was to hit sort of a *reset* button and to see more of Jesus in my life because of it.

Most people think that I just sort of “gave up” after starting my new job for a few months or that I was just being lazy, I was honestly surprised that no one asked if I was sick or tired. This was one of my biggest worries – what others would think. But also honestly, I’m not sure anyone noticed it (and that is a-okay). I’m going to tell you about it anyways 😉.

The Pros

Time saved.

It takes a lot less time to get ready in the morning if you’re not wearing makeup and can basically just run out the door to work. I had attempted to spend more time than normal in my Bible in place of makeup time, but alas that wasn’t always successful. Even when it wasn’t, I definitely felt more conviction when I looked in the mirror.

Saving money.

I spend a lot of money on makeup. Oops.

Reality check.

This was a bit out of my comfort zone. It helped me to see that so much of my identity was in what size jeans I was wearing and how my skin looked and how many social media followers I had. I immediately jumped to the thought that “my latest photo didn’t get as many likes because I wasn’t wearing makeup” – how messed up thinking is that? This definitely was a good (bad?) sign that my heart truly needed this.

The Cons.

I didn’t really feel like myself without makeup.

I’m used to seeing myself in makeup and I didn’t ever feel like I truly looked or felt the same.

I tried a bit less in other aspects (like my hair).

Usually, if I do my makeup I feel like I should do my hair too. I often threw my hair into a high ponytail in hopes of looking “chic” and not “day three hair.”

Sometimes you just need the pick-me-up.

I went to a fancy event and couldn’t wear makeup and my hair looked gross and I just wasn’t feeling it. I felt off and I know that while makeup wouldn’t have made me feel 100% about myself (and even if it did that it would be wrong), but I know that I felt like I was out of place. Last year I had my makeup done for the event at Sephora and this year I was a hot mess.

Overall thoughts.

I’m happy that I got to take the time to think about this and reflect on the fact that I’m not just a girl who wears lipstick. I am a child of God who gets to wear lipstick because God is awesome and likes for us to feel good about ourselves so that we can exude His love to others.

I’m not going to look back on the picture below and think, “ew gross.” I’m going to think something like “I got to meet a cute little baby and wow how cool is God for bringing her into this world.

meeting the new baby

As I’m writing this, tomorrow is Easter. Today is that day between Good Friday and Easter Sunday where it looks like (to the world) God is silent. But isn’t it cool that He isn’t? He’s working magic behind the scenes and using stuff like makeup (or lack thereof) to change our hearts and pull us closer to Him!

(But for the record, I am super excited to wear makeup again). 

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