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35 Ways to Put That Old Notebook to New Use

June 25, 2017

If you’re anything like me, you own 15+ notebooks in all different sizes and each notebook sits dormant on your shelf for eons. You get roped in by their beautiful binding, wonderful possibilities, or, like with a few of mine, the fact that they were free.

I can’t say that I’m much of a “journaler” per se, but I’ve come up with a list of 35 things to journal about that seem interesting.

They’re broken up into different categories so you could mix and match, or wholly commit to just one!


1. reflect on your day.

what went well? what can you improve on for tomorrow?

2. actually write your goals down!





3. write a letter to your future self

Dear Self, You Rock.

4. document your bucket-list

5. work on budgeting and catalog expenses as they come

6. make a list of all the “something” you want to do so that you can tick them off

ex: visit every 3+ star restaurant in your neighborhood

Here and Now

7. gratitude

I love this journal because it pulls together simple memories of moments with friends and the unforgettable influence of a perfect slice of ‘za.

notebook covered in washi tape

I covered my “gratitude notebook” in washi tape for some added *flair*

8. draw the people or things around you. It doesn’t matter if you think you can draw or not, it’s fun to try and catalog your progress over time!

9. write down what you’re eating to help you diversify your meal plans and stay accountable to your goals

10. fill a notebook with what you’re doing each day, seeing your friends, the best meals, etc.

P.S. I love doing this in my Passion Planner (use my email at check out to help me earn free ones!

11. transform a notebook into a planner, using the grid or a ruler as a guide, to make a bullet journal

12. catalog what you wear each day to help you know what you wear most often

…and avoid outfit repeating too frequently like Lizzie McGuire

13. stream of conscious

this is truly the concept of just writing down what you’re currently thinking. It’s incredibly therapeutic and interesting to reflect on.


14. fill your notebook with your favorite new vocabulary words

here’s one to start with: ad hominem.

15. learn a new language

me gustaría hablar español.

16. write down the books you read that year

that’s where I first wrote down the list for *this post on my 2016 list* 

and *this post halfway through my list this year*

17. take notes from speakers or presentations you got to

put them on your calendar you made in a different (or the same) notebook 😉

18. catalog your family tree

19. pick a few topics you want to learn more of and deep dive into them

spend a whole notebook on Bible Study or World War II History or famous women scientists.

Pretty thing

20. collect stickers and put them on the cover of your notebook on display

21. make “mood board” pages of things you’re interested in

22. store your Polaroid photos

23. use washi tape to secure pamphlets from events

24. collect signatures

As you can see above, I collected signatures from an Author Signing event.

And yes, that does say “Stylin'”


25. collect little trinkets from your travels, such as your boarding passes or tickets to events

26. write down the schedule of the day and any special memories to help you remember later

what were your favorite meals? favorite new artist at the local museum? find the best cup of coffee ever? if this last one is true, please let me know asap.

27. plan your next trip

28. make a packing list

29. attach a local map so that you can plan your next movements a bit more inconspicuously


30. swatch your favorite makeup products

31. list your favorite quotes

Freedom is what you do with what has been done to you. – John-Paul Sartre.

32. work on brainstorming for a new blog post or a project at work

33. write down your favorite recipes

34. list all of the concerts (or events for a certain hobby) you’ve been to

*guilty* my list is in Google Docs. Oops. 

35. catalog a “wish list” of items you want in your closet, on your bookshelf, in your pantry, etc.

for me? these shoes.


I hope that you enjoyed this list of 35 things you can use to fill up those notebooks on your shelf and put them to good use! If you have any other tips, I’d love to hear them in the comments below!

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