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Favorites and *Not So* Favorites: June

July 13, 2017

With an 8-5 job, I’ve been trying to spice things up (see my latest post about The Ultimate Summer Bucket List for more ideas!). In this quest to find the *next best thing* I’m bound to have some hits and misses, right? I thought I’d chuck some favorites down on the Internet in hopes that you can run towards the wins and away from the misses.



As I’m typing this, I’m wearing a shirt from the Anthropologie sale and a girl just walked away after asking me all about it. It’s the shirt below, alongside the other pieces I wore in my latest Instagram post (see here).

I’m a particularly huge fan of this new brand I’ve found from Anthropologie called Maeve.

Below are a few of my favorites from them (I even own the first one) and the best part is that many of them are on the sale! I love that they’re flowy and comfortable but can go easily from day to night (that makes me sound like I go out at night LOL).


Especially from ASOS in the Farleigh variety.

They’re technically called “High Waisted Slim Mom Jeans.” I can’t necessarily speak to the “mom jeans” but I can tell you that they’re definitely high waisted and the most comfortable jeans that I own. They work perfectly for tucking things in (or not) and for the office because they look a bit more professional than the typical blue denim variety.


I’ve been trying to actually use my Instax Mini this month. I have this issue where I say “film is so expensive so I don’t want to waste it on something not fabulous so I’m basically never going to use it.”

Mine is a beautiful teal blue (I believe it was an Urban Outfitters exclusive) that my mother bought when I wasn’t looking. She’s so sneaky.

I love the fact that I can have an actual photo to hold and remember the instance where it was taken. It takes more work than just whipping out an iPhone, but I think it is well worth the reward (even if the photo doesn’t turn out as well).



This may be an unpopular opinion, but I wasn’t a fan of this mascara. It was PERFECT for the first month and then it literally got so gross and clumpy and I had to throw it away. You can only imagine my sadness because my Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir mascara has lasted me months (yes I know I should probably throw it away but I love it oh so much). Maybe I got a lemon, but I can’t say that I’ll be trying this mascara any time soon.

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I hate to rip on a book, but this one was just too heartbreaking. It was devastating to read about a girl with anterograde amnesia (where she can’t make any new memories) keep realizing that she kissed her best friend’s boyfriend and that she loves him and that she’s going to the Arctic to find him.


I can’t say that I love having my mom in the hospital or in the operating room as I type. But I do love that this surgery will make her stronger and hopefully change the trajectory of life as we know it.

I can’t say I love all of the blazing hot weather in comparison to my frigid office. But I do love wearing sweaters.

I can say that this past month and a half has been one of testing patience and loving friends and finding happiness in the small things.

Happy July!

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