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Favorite Friday Five 3.2.18

March 2, 2018

Good morning, my favorite friends! Are you new? Get caught up! If not, welcome back!

Lucky Brand Ballet Flats

Had you told me a few years ago that my favorite pair of ballet flats would be from a jeans company, I likely would have laughed at you. But y’all these are some of the best shoes I’ve ever owned.

I actually own them in both tan and black – they’re literally the only pairs I need (and own).

They’re incredibly comfortable and actually have pretty good support. As a kid in middle school and high school, I used to pick the absolute worst shoes for my feet because they were cute – so I’m thankful that I found a pair I love (and that love me back).

Crosley Record Player

The record player below isn’t the one that I own – but dang it’s beautiful, isn’t it?

The one I’ve got is a bright pink, orange, and white floral patterned and in shape most resembles this one from Urban Outfitters (thicker briefcase version).

I’ve had my record player for a few years now, but I definitely find myself using it in phases. I’ll go to a record shop (like Josey Records), pick up some new ones, and then completely binge for a while. 

There is something special about the intention that is involved when you set up everything to listen to something. You can’t just shuffle, and I find myself actually enjoying the music more. What a concept!

Batiste Brown Dry Shampoo

How much will you judge me if I tell you how much I hate washing my hair?

If I’m being truly honest, dry shampoo is one of the most used (and favorite) products as part of my routine – I sometimes even use a bit when my hair is clean because it adds good texture and grit.

Don’t worry, I’ve been working on a battle of the dry shampoos for a while and hope to have it up soon!

I love this one in particular because I’m a brunette and this is foolproof. I literally spritz this on as I’m running late out the door as per usual.

Cityscape Rings

This awesome #girlboss creates 3D printed rings showing scenes many of your favorite cities around the world!

One of my old roommates Paige first showed me hers back in October, and I promptly put it on my Christmas list. She has the Florence one in remembrance of her study abroad semester, and I got one to remind me of my summer in Sydney (showing, for example, the Opera House).

I’ve worn mine every day since getting it, and love seeing how many people ask about it.

It runs mostly true to size, and I think it is at a fairly good price point for how intricate it is!

Allison Anderson

No, I don’t just love Allison because we have the same name. I’ve followed her for a while and loved being able to see her transition into her own skin. I love that she is encouraging people to be more conscious of what they’re doing and buying and consuming! The makeup she wears, her home, and her lifestyle are all things I can relate to because she’s never over the top or unrealistic, and her travels are gorgeous. You can find her here!

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