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Favorite Friday Five 3.9.18

March 9, 2018

How is it the second week in March already? Are you caught up on the Favorite Friday Five?

Say Yes to the Dress March Madness

I’ve loved Say Yes to the Dress for years because I love seeing what other people decide to wear for their incredibly special day. I’m working on the NCAA Men’s Basketball March Madness (pray for me, lol) at work right now, so finding this ray of sunshine completely made my day.

Click on the picture below to be taken to the website, but basically people around the nation vote on different dresses in a March Madness sort of fashion (pun intended). Each Saturday, the dresses moving on are announced and you get to vote on the next round!

(Also, my friend Tess works at Kleinfeld so that’s definitely another reason to check it out!)



Madewell-esque Crossbody Purse

I’ve been obsessed with Madewell’s crossbody purses forever. I’ve even had one on my Fashion Wishlist Page since the beginning!

They’re so beautiful and soft and also not cheap.

My co-worker Alex found a great dupe for one at Old Navy (linked below) that I almost purchased.




I was about to order it online (because the stores around me didn’t have any in stock), when my mom and I ended up at Target. I found a LIGHT PINK one. I’m a sucker for a dusty pink (millennial pink, if you wish), and I love that it comes in SEVEN colors! It has a top zip, a zipped pocket, two open pockets, and a removable strap!

I don’t have any pictures with it (yet) because I’ve only had a few days, but I’m sure you’ll be seeing a lot of it coming soon!

It fits exactly what I need (11x10x4), is incredibly sturdy, and fits my wallet (both literally and figuratively). It was $25 so get your butt over to Target if you’ve been yearning over Madewell’s purses like I have.

The Underground Railroad

The Underground RailroadThe Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead

Check out my Instagram dedicated to books here, and my Goodreads account here!

Dang, I really liked this book. I listened to this book as an audiobook and kept wishing that I had the physical copy to underline or highlight in. 

As one of Oprah’s books of the year, this book had a lot of hype. It definitely had its peaks and valleys of interest to me, and sometimes got a bit confusing with the timeline or personality shifts, but it always kept me coming back for more.

I think that Whitehead truly has a way of stringing words together in a way that reels you in.

The story surrounds Cora, who at the beginning of the book is a slave in Georgia. As a runaway, she is the target of both goodwill from the incredibly brave and horrors unthinkable from those who see her as property. You follow her from the South to the North and everywhere in between, along the Underground Railroad (which is an actual railroad in the book). While the book is historical fiction, it doesn’t stray away from the hard-hitting bits.

International Women’s Day

This day each year is one of my favorite days because people are incredibly intentional about sharing love and encouragement and hits a bit of a reset button. Not that I ever forget how important my friends are or how we still fight each day for what we believe in, but sometimes I take it all for granted how blessed I am.

I am blessed to do life and work alongside bada** women who push me to be better and be heard and turn around and share all of the blessings with others. I hope that while loving on those around you, you listen to and speak up for those around you who need you.

Samantha Maria

Sammi is a girl I love because she is super cool but in a super approachable way. She knows what she likes, but is always open to taking risks – and makes me feel encouraged to do the same! Her Instagram is #goals, her daughter Indie is #babygoals, and she owns a clothing line!


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