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Favorite Friday Five 4.13.18

April 13, 2018

Gooooooood morning! Happy Friday – it’s my favorite time of the week. 

Music that isn’t in English

 I don’t speak Portuguese, but my dad does (hi dad).

The reason that this song (and music in other languages in general) has made my favorites list for the week is that I have a lot of trouble concentrating on something if music has lyrics in the background. There is something in my brain that just starts singing and pulls me out of concentration. For a while I was trying to do “studying music” but I just kept getting bored and tired of all the classical music. However, I’ve learned that if I listen to something in another language it doesn’t have the same effect. 

I can concentrate better, and find some awesome music from around the world in the same breath. 

I first heard of Luan from my aforementioned dad, and immediately saved this song when he showed it to me months ago. While I was driving this week with my Spotify on shuffle and in a rut, this song came on. I started testing my concentration theory and have been happy so far.

(in a typical Allison fashion, I will say that I like his older stuff better.)

This dude is four years older than me, sells out stadiums, and has already helped broaden my horizons.

As another example, my friends and I have really enjoyed One Okay Rock (from Japan) – they do things in both English and Japanese – and a few K-Pop groups I’ve heard. It’s amazing that bands I’ve never heard of in the US sell out all over the world and have such huge followings – I forget how often music is American-ized.

Do you have a favorite international artist/group? I know I’m only skimming a very small part of the international pool, here. Leave them in the comments below – I’d love to hear them and share more of them in the future.

10 things you need to know today

I’ve talked about The Skimm in another FFF, but I recently came across this site and email subscription called, “10 things you need to know today,” while voting in the Webby Awards last week. 

Check out the website here!

Each day, this site releases 10 things you need to know today (great titling, if you ask me) and you can either visit the site or have them emailed to you.

I like that the site and emails are very simple to look at, and fall a little bit more on the political side. I don’t really enjoy politics (at all) but I like having little snippets of it to keep up with what is going on.

The sites aren’t interchangeable but complement each other.

Side note: go look at who was nominated for the Webby Awards for good podcast, website, video, and game inspiration.

Project Gutenberg

I’ve heard of Project Gutenberg before but hadn’t really dug into it until recently.

This group collects and posts the downloadable content of books with expired copyrights. You can go in, search, find something you’re interested and download to your computer, phone, or other reading devices.

They have many books in other languages, as well as a list of the top books from the past 24 hours – which is a great place to get started. 

For students in English class, to people like me who are interested in reading more “classics,” this is a great and easy to use tool.

I saved mine straight to my Google Drive with no issues!

Steve Madden Kimmie Platform Sandals

At my office, our dress code states that all of our shoes must have backs to them (no flip-flops). 

I always end up wearing the same pair of Steve Madden flat sandals and wanted to change things up a bit.

When I found these shoes in the Steve Madden store I honestly didn’t immediately pick them up. I wasn’t sure about the color, the style, or the height if I’m being truly honest.

Thankfully, my friend Cassie is much smarter than I am and made me take the plunge.

steve madden kimmie platform

image credit: Revolve, Steve Madden

I wore them this week to work and found them to be very comfortable! They’re a bit tight on the feet (but not in an uncomfortable way) so you feel very secure. The back of the shoe has a nice bit that lets your foot move without rubbing so that thankfully wasn’t an issue.

Size tip: I would definitely recommend sizing up!

If you’d rather shop from the Steve Madden website, click here or here for the Nordstrom website!


Another favorite: my podcast masterlist! You can click that link, or find the link in the top menu.

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