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Favorite Friday Five 4.20.18

April 20, 2018

HAPPY FRIDAY. One of these days I will count Friday as one of my five favorite things. Spoiler alert, it isn’t listed below (but totally still is a favorite).

We’ve made it, guys and gals.

Travelon Anti-theft Backpack

I've had a Travelon Anti-theft backpack (here for JC Penney or here for Amazon) for a while. I found it because of a friend whose father was in the Secret Service - because if a backpack is good enough for them it's probably good enough for me, right?

There have been a few variations over time, but I love all of the features it has. It's not as large as the North Face backpack that I used through school, but still holds everything I need except for my 13-inch laptop.

The padding on the shoulders is good, none of the straps can be cut, there are clasps on all of the zippers, and it is RFID protected.

Because it's matte black, it is low-key and I feel like (pretend to) get by bringing this to all kinds of events.

This American Life

As I’m sure you know, most of the podcasts I listen to involve crime, or explicitly learning something.

(If you’re interested in this, or any other podcasts I listen to, check out my Podcast Masterlist).

This American Life is a podcast that I go back and forth with, not because I don’t like it (because I really do), but the nature of the podcast is such that I really need to (and want to) sit down and do it justice. The stories are always so interesting because of their knack for finding the interesting in the “normal.” Don’t get me wrong, you can listen to this while multi-tasking, but I prefer to savor them. Is that weird? Probably.

This episode looks at people around the world who have made decisions with no good option. The illusion of choice is something that I’ve always found interesting, and I greatly enjoyed an entire episode surrounding this theme.

5SOS Tour + New Music

Music: As I’m sure you’re sick of hearing, 5SOS is back. They’ve released two songs so far on the new album Youngblood, and I’m definitely enjoying them. I was nervous that they’d go a little bit of Steven Tyler on us, but am thankful that (at least so far) they haven’t.

Tour: Last night Kayla, Cassie, and I went to see them live at the House of Blues and had the absolute best time.

We sat on the balcony (which I had never done) and lovehaving a comfortable seat. There were 1,499 people in the building and the line outside was proof. Holy moly there were a lot of people.

They played a lot of new music, which I’m excited to hear in June for the album release and September for the Youngblood Tour.

Great American Cookie – Cookie Cakes

My co-worker Alex bought me (oh excuse me, her husband) a Great American Cookie – Cookie Cake for their anniversary and I ate a lot of it. Just a reminder (as if you needed one): they’re delicious.

Feel free to send me one!

Jamie Paige

I’ve loved Jamie Paige for a while because she is insanely good with makeup, and is a go-to person when I’ve got a new Sephora gift-card to spend. Her videos on “Top 5 *insert product category*” are incredibly helpful because she uses favorites for all skin types and price points, and I can always find something I’m interested in.

You can find her Instagram here, or see her most recent video below:

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