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Favorite Friday Five 5.11.18

May 11, 2018

Happy Friday, my favorite humans!

Polaroid Photo Album

I've been trying to take more pictures on my Polaroid camera, but for a while had no good place to put the pictures I've taken.

Now I've been using THIS photo album, which has 128 slots for pictures, is slim, and is pretty cheap. It's sturdy and just what I was looking for - so many I see only have room for a few photos or they're elaborate metal stands, but this one fits even more than I can fill (so far)!

I've also been loving this film because they're fun colors and designs, but you don't know which you will get until the photo is taken.

(For reference, this is the camera I have - a Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 - Instant Camera)

Behind the Scenes

I saw The Greatest Showman a while back, but my boss showed us this video yesterday and we couldn’t help but get goosebumps and teary-eyed.

There are SO many good ones to watch – get ready for a great rabbit hole.

(On another random side note, Stuff You Should Know did a good episode recently on PT Barnum)

1001 Books to Read Before You Die

Not to do too much self-promo, but I found this cool list of books and made a post here about it.

Someone has cataloged the 1001 Books to Read Before You Die (in a few editions), and I wanted to go through and mark the ones I’ve read (as well as use it as a “to be read” list.) If you ever want to find it again, it’s in the top bar of the blog!

Vans Old Skool Sneakers

I don’t know if I can put something as a favorite if I’ve only owned them for a few hours, but I’ve been pining for these shoes for years.

I finally pulled the trigger and bought this pair of Vans Old Skools because my Converse Hi-Tops are falling apart.

They’re already super comfortable and I can’t wait to keep wearing them!

I struggled with deciding on a color (because there are so many ones to choose from) but ended up on going with a standard black & white to be as versatile as possible.

I Covet Thee

This #girlboss (again) lives in England and is totally hair goals (in addition to being real and honest and fun to watch)!

It feels like chatting with an old friend when I watch Alix’s videos.

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