Totally (Not) Over Overalls

May 15, 2018

I’ve always been fond of overalls, and even own two pairs (a black dress like this one and these jean ones). For a while, I used to get weird looks or comments about them, but I still wore them anyway – and now they’re even “on trend” again (I care more about comfort and less about being on trend, but I’ll take a match up when I see one!)!

I’ve found that with my black pair that is a skirt I get a lot more wear out of when I throw a nice top or sweater on underneath, and my jean shorts with a t-shirt and tennis shoes, so I want to add versatility with this next purchase. One is more “fancy” (as fancy as jeans can be) and one is definitely more casual (I even sized up for extra comfort).

I’m really feeling a mid-wash/dark-wash pair of either straight-leg or wide(er)-leg pants – what do you think?


I started a section on Pinterest within my “Clothes” board called Overalls (creatively named, right?), which you can see below. I wanted a little bit of inspiration seeing other people style their overalls before jumping in and buying another pair!

Pinterest, as well as Instagram (here is the hashtag on Instagram), is a great resource because you can only do so much looking at your computer screen or a fitting room. I never seem to wear the right bra or shoes, or I just don’t feel like trying things on.


While searching, I found some other great blog posts for you to check out:


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