Favorite Friday Five 6.8.18

June 8, 2018

Happy Friday! Instead of a traditional post of my favorite tangible things, I wanted to share five of my favorite videos I’ve seen recently. 

Each of these videos impacted me in a different way, and I wanted to spread that as much as I could.

First off, Lily Pebbles’ video titled How I Work With Brands. As a person with a blog and a consumer of social media, I still have many questions about what goes on in the “industry.” This video resonated with me because so often I’m not even thinking about how influencers are their own small (or even large) business. Lily is honest, insightful, and speaks openly about her experiences.

I recently shared this video to my email subscribers in a Weekly Round-up (here is your reminder to click the “subscribe” banner on the right side of the page if you haven’t already) and still find that it resonates with me even weeks later. Beyond simply loving the Green brothers, John encourages us to look past ourselves and I am always in need of that reminder.

I’ve loved Madeleine Oliva for a very long time because she’s honest and insightful about her beliefs regarding the environment but never does so in a way that is offputting. She consistently is equipping me to be more eco-friendly but also preaches the concept of grace – you’re just doing the best that you can.

Jim is a guy who I believe is incredibly well-rounded. He speaks about fashion to sports to tech and everything in between, yet always looks at the bigger picture. He consistently finds ways to use his platform for good – whether it’s an eco-friendly alternative or a company that supports a cause near to his heart, he seems to take things seriously.

I’ve spoken about my love for Klossy before, but this video was a peek into her life (especially as she travels most of the time). As a fellow person who always likes to be prepared, I like learning from what is tried and true!

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