Fashion of Oceans 8

June 11, 2018

If you haven’t already seen Oceans 8, get off your butt and go see it right now. Is that a little harsh? Maybe, but it’s an incredible movie. 

As I was watching the movie, I was completely enamored with how beautiful the pieces each character wore and how perfectly they seemed to work with each character. 

I immediately went home and tried to find posts about their clothes, but couldn’t really find anything like that… so I’ve created my own! Below you will find each of the eight from Oceans 8 and pieces that are similar (not strictly exact pieces, but I tried to get as similar as I could) so that you can recreate the vibes of your favorite character(s).

Sandra Bullock – Debbie Ocean

Debbie starts us off strong because she always looks so effortlessly good. Her pieces are relatively simple with boots, staple coats and button-downs (much like stylish cops on TV), but they’re all perfectly crafted together. She isn’t flashy, which is definitely the point; she wants to blend in to do the perfect heist.

Key pieces: heeled booties, long coats

Cate Blanchett – Lou

Lou is a character with a lot of style. She’s not afraid to stand out or mix patterns or textures. Her edgy style complements her laid-back personality. Lou’s a rocker chick with throwback vibes, and I can’t get enough.

Statement boots and a graphic tee? Sign me up. Velvet suits? Leather pants? Maybe a little out of my comfort zone but dang they’re pretty.

Key pieces: statement coat, graphic tees, texture

Mindy Kaling – Amita

Amita is the jewelry expert and her wardrobe seconds that. She wears lots of patterned dresses and colorful coats in a way that looks effortless. Like many of the other girls, she owns some great coats (just another reason I’m a little bit sad I live in TX).
Out of all the Oceans 8 girls, Amita’s style seems closest to my own. 

Key pieces: patterned dresses, bright colors, sweaters

Sarah Paulson – Tammy

Tammy is portrayed as a stay at home mom with a secret gig on the side, and her J.Crew wardrobe fits that nicely. She is mostly seen in midi skirts and sweaters (especially while working at Vogue), but my personal favorites are her wide-leg jeans that make an appearance at the end of the movie.

Key pieces: stripes, collard shirts under sweaters, midi skirts

Awkwafina – Constance

Constance has street style nailed. She, like the others, looks effortlessly cool. She, unlike the others, probably could achieve her outfit with less effort. She wears a lot of casual and comfortable outfits that make her feel really young (and create quite the transformation at the MET Gala).

Key pieces: Timberland boots, beanies, flannel

Rihanna – Nine Ball

Nine Ball, the tech wizard, makes an even more dramatic change at the MET Gala because of her choice of oversized clothing. 

Key pieces: oversized/ripped jeans, combat boots, black jewelry

Helena Bonham Carter – Rose Weil

Rose Weil is a fashion designer that is past her prime but keeps trying to stay current. She wears a lot of black (a girl after my own heart) and leans very Victorian. There are a lot of ruffles, extra fabric, and brooches, but somehow she just looks like a fashion designer?
Key pieces: hair accessories, Victorian collars, lots and lots of black

Anne Hathaway – Daphne Kruger

Daphne Kruger rounds out the eight by being the “neck” upon which the heist is focused. She is an actress of world renown and is an epic diva. Her style is centered around a lot of dichotomies: hard and soft, Blair Waldorf and Jenny Humphrey, silk and leather. 

Anne essentially plays a mimicry of herself in the most comedic of ways! She’s extreme, plays with color, and never has a hair out of place (unless it’s purposeful).

Key pieces: bold colors, big sunglasses, cleavage

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    I was drooling over their style like the whole movie. Loved this post Allison!

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      right? I want everything! Thanks, Ava 🙂

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