What’s In My Bag?

“What’s in my Bag” posts are some of my favorite blog posts and YouTube videos. I guess there is something about me (and probably you if you’ve clicked on this blog post) that’s a bit nosy? Aint nothing wrong with that.

Let’s just jump right in with the purse I’m using right now!

It’s a Kate Spade bag that I actually won at a fundraising event for a local nonprofit! It’s quite the statement bag, but I find that I can wear it with virtually anything.

The purse isn’t sold anymore, but here are a few bags from Kate Spade that are almost the same.

Cameron Street Botanical Maise Satchel

Watson Lane Lucie Crossbody

Watson Lane Daisy Garden Lucie

I try to always be prepared for any kind of situation but also not have any extra junk that I’m lugging around. If I bring one of my larger totes around with me, I tend to fill it all the way up.

I’ll go through this list left to right!

Hand Lotion | I have this hand lotion in my bag right now, but I’m not faithful to it. There is something about hand lotion (or gum or hand sanitizer) that makes everyone suddenly want some. 

Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Blotting Wipes | these have been a tried and true for years! I love having them in my bag just in case, especially for summer days. They don’t move my makeup around, either.

Tampon | yep.

Chapstick | I’m not too picky with my chapstick, but right now I’ve been using the Fresh Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment (that’s quite the mouth-full) and enjoying it. This one from Palmer’s is another recent favorite of mine.

Tide To Go | I’m never not spilling something on myself. Whether it’s coffee or peanut butter or lipstick (or anything in between), my trusty Tide To Go is with me. Check out this post here to see the secret trick a sales associate taught me about getting stains out, too.

Travalo (with Jo Malone Blackberry & Bay) | a few years ago I heard about this product and haven’t looked back. Essentially, you take the cap off your perfume and pump it into the Travalo so that you create your own travel-sized perfume bottle. As you get more bang for your buck with a larger perfume bottle, I can just keep refilling the Travalo when it’s running low (the only downside is that you can’t really switch perfumes with the same Travalo).

Dove Travel Deodorant | this deodorant hasn’t been my favorite, but I always try to have some kind of deodorant in my purse. Have I told you I live in Texas? (This is my favorite deodorant)

Concealer | I’ve been keeping this Maybelline Makeup Instant Age Rewind Concealer Dark Circle Eraser Concealer (I take back what I said about the chapstick) in my purse because it’s a great color match to me and it takes minimal effort. I’m the color Fair and it is perfect for touch-ups during the day.

Ray-Ban Sunglasses | The Ray-Ban Round Fleck are my favorite pair of sunglasses! I usually also keep a cheap pair in my car just in case I forget these at home or a friend doesn’t bring any.

Cloth Napkin | I like to keep this in my bag so that I can avoid paper napkins/towels if possible.

Pepper Spray | thankfully, I’ve never had to use it!

Swiss Army Knife | if I’m being truly honest, I asked for this for Christmas a few years ago because I love MacGyver. I didn’t really think about how often I would actually use this, but I whip it out (in a controlled, safe manner) almost every day.

Keys | on a carabiner with another Swiss Army Knife, flashlight (mine is from a client at work, but I’ve had one just like this one before), and a library card.

Highlighter | you may be surprised how often I’ve needed to use a highlighter! I seem to own every color under the sun, so I tend to switch it up quite frequently.

Two Black Pens | pens are always a good idea to have in your bag! I’m always randomly having to fill out a form or need to jot something in my journal.

Apple iPhone Charger | my phone is consistently too low on battery.

Tea Bag | I’m not too picky when it comes to teas, but I always like to have one in my bag just in case. Right now, I have a Tazo Tea bag in the flavor Wild Sweet Orange.

Wallet | this wallet is SO OLD from Vera Bradley (similar one here). It holds all the cards I need and a little bit of cash but doesn’t take up much room in my purse.

Travel Utensils and Straw | I’ve got this set of travel utensils made of bamboo as well as this straw made of silicone and stainless steel.

Water Bottle | as a person who is trying to be more and more environmentally friendly (and someone who knows that if I don’t have a bottle right next to me I don’t drink), I’m trying to bring a water bottle with me as often as possible. This bottle is from the brand Corksicle that I got for Christmas this year. I love that it is stainless steel, it fits in my cupholder, and that it can lay flat on its side without rolling. I’m also partial to my Nalgene, as well, it just doesn’t fit in this bag.

Book | I’ve always got some sort of book in my bag for my lunch break or just an awkward time between things during the day instead of pulling out my phone. Right now, I’ve got Uninvited by Lysa Terkeurst in my bag.

Journal | this journal was from a client at work, but I’m usually partial to my soft-back Moleskine (it just wasn’t what I had in my purse at the time). I use a journal to write my to-do lists!

Notepad | this notepad I actually stole from my mother (thanks mom). I typically use this notepad to jot down ideas or lists (think: expanding on my to-do lists). I like that it’s a square! My only hesitancy is that it isn’t sticky (like this one: my other favorite).

I keep both my journal and notepad on my desk at work so that I can instantly write things down before I forget.

*this post contains affiliate links, but all opinions are my own.

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Did I miss anything you keep in your bag at all times? Let me know in the comments below!




This post contains affiliate links.

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