Define: Geo-Paradise

July 19, 2018

What is your favorite word in the English language?

I posed this question to the two French graduate students that I worked with while living in Australia. We talked about differences in languages frequently, my friend Delaney even made them tell us the “meanest thing they could say ” in French to prove the language’s superiority. It was no contest – I wasn’t the wiser as to what they were saying and they sounded great cursing what I assume to be everything I loved and cherished.

Both boys had very different answers.

That’s easy, Allison. F*ck. That’s my favorite word. This didn’t surprise me at all. This brash attitude fits his personality well.

The next answer left me and the other Frenchman with our mouths agape and heads tilted. 

Geo-paradise. That’s my favorite word. It just rolls off the tongue.

Brash boy and I broke out in laughter, dropping bits of the sandwich we had picked up from down the street.

Paradise boy picks his words, and handbags (I promise, Allison, they’re a normal thing for men to wear in Paris) carefully. I waited for him to continue, unable to figure out which word he’s speaking of. 

His brow furrows as he tries to explain a word he doesn’t fully grasp. Like when someone is about to be hurt. Or something is risky.

And then it clicks.


French wins.

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