Sweet Tooth Hotel

Happy Saturday, friends! My friend/coworker Alex and I went to the Sweet Tooth Hotel yesterday in Dallas to explore and take pictures. What is the Sweet Tooth Hotel?, you might ask? A candy and sweets themed pop-up exhibition in Downtown Dallas.

We saw it on the internet, bought tickets, and then had to wait a month for our specific date because of the demand. There are still a few days left with tickets (mostly during the week), so check out their ticketing page here to pick some up if you’re interested.

Here are a few key things to know before you go:

  • You get one hour. Show up early because they do a quick tour (ours took like 13 minutes) and then you have until the end of the hour to explore. Alex and I didn’t take the whole hour, but the employees are good about saying “15 minutes left” and helping with pictures if needed.
  • I’d recommend checking out the #sweettoothhotel on Instagram to get a bit of inspiration if you’re aiming to get pictures to step up your Instagram game.
  • There are about 15 tickets per timeslot, so we all got to spread out. 
  • There are five rooms plus the hallways.
  • Your ticket also gets you a discount to a few of the local coffee shops!

I don’t want to spoil the entire experience so I’ve only pulled my favorite pictures to show below, separated generally by room. To see everything, book yourself a ticket (or check out the Instagram hashtag).




hello MTV, welcome to Alex’s fridge



tbh that button I’m “pressing” was broken (but also neither of us realized the extra button at the bottom of the heart either #regrets)


this sign says “sweet dreams” in Korean



the clouds are “sound sensitive,” meaning that if you’re loud they glow brighter


sweet_tooth_hotel_allisonmessimer the big ole mural

Outfit details

Thanks to Alex for all of the great pictures (and for putting up with my coughing & sneezing this week).

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A few of the pictures have made their way to my Instagram. Have you checked them out? Leave a 🍬 emoji in the comments if you came from here!

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