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August 1, 2018

One of the things I’ve been trying to get more into recently is listening to Worship Music. When I went earlier this month to Daytona Beach Florida with Student Life Camp for our youth group’s conference, there were two awesome bands: Vertical Worship and Elevation Worship.

Before our trip (and even after), we’ve been trying to incorporate the songs we’d be singing into our youth service so that we can form some muscle memory.

My favorite is Resurrecting by Elevation Worship (give it a listen below if you’d like!). This one song stuck with me because of all of the dichotomies involved.

I broke it all down for you here — 

Most of the verses can be broken down into two sides (from this to this) in a description of change. This really articulated the concepts of grace and sacrifice because it’s all about our death to life because of Jesus’.

Did this help you like it did me? I love being able to go beyond the face value of lyrics (for songs that aren’t even Christian songs) to learn more about the heart behind the song.

**all lyrics owned by Elevation Worship (I have just arranged them in a way that is conducive to me and I hope that it enhances your worship even more so).

Do you listen to a fair bit of this kind of music? Let me know which bands I need to check out in the comments below!

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