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August 25, 2018

Have you read my post about my tips and tricks for going to concerts? Click here to read it (or refresh your brain!).

It is no secret that I love going to concerts, but I do have tricks up my sleeve that have helped me prepare successfully so that I can have the best experience possible. In the blog post linked above I have a very long list of tips & tricks, but here I’m focusing on the websites and apps that I use leading up to the day and the day of.



This app allows you to “follow” artists and get notifications for when they’re going on tour. I have it set up so that anyone I’ve saved on a Spotify playlist will automatically trigger a “follow” so I can stay up to date with bands I may not actively be following. It is also linked to Facebook so I can see recommendations from friends.

I mostly use this resource if I think, “I’d love to see this band live, I wonder if they’ve got a tour coming up,” so that I don’t have to dig around in social media or their website, or “I’m bored and wanting to go see a live show this weekend.”

There is also a link to directly buy tickets that will take you to Ticketmaster, Ticketfly, etc.

Social Media

It seems obvious, but it really can make a difference if you’re following someone on Twitter or Instagram. Even if it is just the band account, this may be one of the best ways to not only support the band but also stay on top of tours (releases, etc).


A View From My Seats

This website allows you to choose a venue and see what the view is from that seat. As this site is crowdsourced by team/city/venue, there won’t be an exact match for every seat/setup but you can get a good idea of where might be best.

Ticketmaster (or whichever provider the venue/group is using)

Dang, I hate Ticketmaster because it’s always glitching but it’s a necessary evil in the ticketing world. Here are a few of my tips and tricks:

  • Now you can only have one screen open – don’t try to search in more than one or you’ll get kicked out (I used to have 4 browsers open at once, but alas they hate me)
  • Be on the lookout for “Verified Fan” programs – these are shows that you essentially have to enter a lottery to buy tickets.
  • Many shows now have resale options for fans who want to sell their tickets.


Stubhub is a great last-minute resource or if a concert is sold out. Much like Ticketmaster resale, you can either list or buy tickets for a show.


Unless you’re going to a General Admission show, it’s usually easier to have one person in the group by the tickets and the others reimburse. In my friend group, the person who buys the tickets just “charges” the rest of us on Venmo and we pay them back.


In my friend group, I’m the only one who wants to know a setlist beforehand.

Ah, This is one of the best-kept secret resources I’ve found. This platform is a website where you can find the setlist of any show because it’s crowdsourced. You can search for an artist, a tour, a venue, and more. 

Here is an example:


I usually create a playlist for the show so that I can prep on the way to the show (both a refresh on the songs themselves and to hype me up) and then on the way home.



Not every venue has this, but I find that if you can find a parking lot where you can pay via app so that you aren’t standing in a long line to pay or paying way more than necessary.

At my favorite parking lot by the House of Blues (yes, I do have a favorite lot), I typically pay $5 or $6 for the entire night. It is hooked up to my PayPal account, too, so that I can track it easily and securely.

Ticketmaster (etc., again)

Make sure that you have the ticket saved to your phone in your “Wallet” so that you can just “swipe” at the top of your screen. While you may be a printed ticket kind of person, I love having this at the ready just in case.

Venue Website

Some venues or shows have specific details on what you can/not bring, times, parking, and more! I’m always forgetting the sizes that different venues require purses to be or whether or not I’m allowed to bring water in, so these have definitely come in handy.

Do you have any great concert resources I missed? Leave them in the comments below!

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