My Favorite Bible Phone Apps

September 18, 2018

While I love my physical Bible (link here if you’re interested – it’s on sale!), sometimes you just need to whip out your phone to look something up.

Or more honestly, your pastor asks everyone to “take out their Bibles” and everyone grabs their phone. For a while, I used to just head to Google, but within the past year or so I’ve downloaded a few apps that have not only helped me find Bible passages quickly but also deepen my desire and understanding of what I’m reading.

These three apps below are the ones I’ve found to be tried and true (and recommended by friends) because they pull together resources and people from all over. Do you have a favorite that I’m missing? Let me know in the comments below!


It would be wrong to start a post like this without this app, right?

This app is so well known and loved because you can search quickly and bookmark things, but then also view multiple versions for enhanced understanding.

They also have a few devotionals! For example, a while ago I went through one that each day spoke about a different Christian Olympian.

She Reads Truth

This is a devotional & Bible app that I’d say is between the Bible app and First Five because of its plethora of resources.

The devotionals are more targeted and themed than First Five, but I like that you can search for one topic you’re interested in.

They also have books and other resources, but I haven’t tried any of them (but many of my friends have and love them).


First Five

These quick devotionals take, you guessed it, five minutes (max). They’re written by guest authors, and then a question is posed for discussion. The comments are just so joyful and honest and I appreciate the great community surrounding the app.

First Five has a lot of *extra* bits and bobs I haven’t looked into, but I’d highly recommend it for someone who just doesn’t know where to start.


This post is obviously not exhaustive, just the ones I’ve loved for a long time.

For example, I used to love a specific Bible verse memorization app but it is no longer running. Bummer.

Do you have a favorite? Let me know in the comments below.

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