Book Review | Bonfire – Krysten Ritter

September 25, 2018

I didn’t know what to expect when this book popped up on my Book of the Month list to pick from. I hadn’t heard anything about Bonfire yet, but something in my gut told me to pick this one up (it probably also helped that I wasn’t interested in any of the other options). While I knew of Krysten Ritter, I was a little worried that this would be just another book that only hit shelves because of the celebrity status of its author. Thankfully, I was wrong!

Abby Williams is a lawyer from a small-town Indiana that now works in environmental law in Chicago. When a new project that she’s assigned to happens to involve a company headquartered in her old stomping grounds, she’s forced to revisit old wounds. Between a plastics manufacturer, a runaway Abby knew from a lifetime ago, and something called, “The Game,” Abby has her hands full.

I loved this book because of the writing style and the pacing. I found myself running into my roommate’s room to read her the latest string of quotes (yep, I’m a nerd) and excitedly driving home to keep reading.

I never had the (horrible) high school experience Abby did, but I can relate to each and every character. The characters are set up so that they see both real and larger than life.

The story pulls together small-town drama, hypocrisy, moral dilemmas, and conspiracy. You can almost feel the time crunch Ritter was under while writing this (between filming of two shows) because the story paces along quite nicely.

While I loved the book, and so have many other people you’ll see writing reviews, many people did not. I can see their arguments toward cliche and predictable, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. There are little moments here and there which feel this way, but I feel as if that is why so much of the book is relatable. Tiny glimpses about frenemies, bullies, scandal, and rumor that run rampant in any town (though I’m thankful that I never experienced these things to any degree remotely close to theirs).

I can’t go too more in depth for fear of spoiling anything for you, so I guess you’ll just need to pick up a copy of this for yourself!

Find it here on Amazon or here on Goodreads.

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