The Concert Spreadsheet

I love concerts and I love spreadsheets, so it feels obvious that I should have a concert spreadsheet. I've had one for a year or so that I update when I go to a concert, but recently my friends Cassie and Kayla created their own versions.

As I often get asked about how I keep track of the shows I've been to and seeing other iterations of tracking from my friends, I decided to compile all of our concert spreadsheet knowledge into one blog post for you.

Let's start out with a few general tips and tricks:

  • Utilize Google Sheets. There are few things worse than someone asking about a show and not being able to remember or having your spreadsheet not saved to the cloud.
  • There is no "right" way to do a concert spreadsheet. Many of the concerts we have on our spreadsheets are the same, but we represent them differently.
  • Update as frequently as possible so you don't miss a show!

Below you'll see my, Cassie, & Kayla's versions. The "template" (heading) in the first row, and an example in the second.

Allison’s Way | By Artist

I’ve got a lot less detail than Cassie and Kayla do. I don’t put who I went with, and I typically only put the venue if I don’t know the actual name of the tour. Sometimes I don’t put the opener if I don’t care for them. *insert shrug emoji*

ArtistShow #1Show #2Show #3
5 Seconds of SummerJingle Ball 2014 - Los AngelesROWYSO - Tinley ParkROWYSO - Dallas

Pros: quick to put together

Cons: difficult to filter by show, cannot put too much detail

Here are the formulas I use in Google Sheets to calculate some stats —

  • Count the total number of shows (so that Opener+Main=1) =COUNTUNIQUE(range)
  • Count the number of artists (counting the number of rows) =countif(column,“*”)
    • The asterisk tells the formula to count literally anything in the column that isn’t blank. If you have headers, you might want to adjust using the following=(countif(column,“*”)-1)
  • Count the number of shows I’ve seen of an artist =countif(show#1 of artist : a reasonable number of cells right,“*”)
    • I go out to column AB because I’m optimistic but also don’t want to slow my computer down
  • Count the total =sum(column calculating the number directly above)

*I put these formulas in the first two columns before the artists so that they don’t interfere with the rest of the information or have to tweak the formulas too much

Cassie’s Way | By Date

In comparison to mine, Cassie’s has the most information.

8/7/20155 Seconds of SummerHey VioletGexa PavillionAllisonN/A

Pros: easy to get a good timeline, organized by show

Cons: would be the most difficult to backtrack and add past concerts, hard to track the bands if they’re the opener once and main act another time

Kayla’s Way | By Show

With more information than Cassie, and less than me, Kayla is the Goldilocks.

BandDate/Time PeriodVenueOpenerMisc.
5 Seconds of Summer4/15/14House of Blues DallasJackson GuthyTheir first show in Dallas

Pros: can sort by day

Cons: hard to track the bands if they’re the opener once and main act another time

Alternative Methods

  • The Notes app on your phone
  • Collecting ticket stubs
  • Writing them down in a notebook
  • Using an electronic calendar

Remember, the key is making it work for you!

Do you have a way of keeping track of your spreadsheet? Let me know in the comments below!


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