Tips to Start 2019 off on the Right Foot

Happy 2019! *insert confetti here*

I’m not normally a person who cares much about the new year. I’ve never been one for “New Year, New Me,” or even making New Years Resolutions*, but this year I’m trying. I want to be better about setting goals, meeting them, and setting more. I’ve felt a bit stagnant and I know that is (almost) all about mindset and getting into gear.

*starting in August? March? Who cares! It’s always time for a good start.

I was inspired by Michelle (on the internet as MuchelleB) to get started with a clean slate. Below is her playlist featuring eight videos to help you reset your life.

After watching her videos, I decided to implement some of her ideas on my own!

2019 Vision Board

I’ve started a Pinterest board for this, but you could also print the images and hang them up in a space you will see them frequently (I went digital because many of my “resolutions” revolve around environmental impact). Michelle prints all of the images off and sets them up on her bedroom door so she will see them every day.

She began this process by finding a guiding word (hers is Freedom) that helped her set intentions for the year, but I’ve just pulled together some of the things I inspire to be more of this year:

  • confident
  • encouraging/encouraged
  • sustainable
  • motivated
  • bold

While these photos and quotes should embody your specific goals, I found it most helpful to get a certain mood/vibe going rather than showing someone looking confident or a quote saying, “be bold.”

This will all mean something different to everyone, but here is mine (so far – I also like that this can be a total work in progress)!

I’ve also heard of people doing these “mood boards” for things more than just their vision for the year – from planning an Instagram theme to designing rooms.

Start / Stop / Continue

Below I’ve listed a few examples of things on my Start/Stop/Continue list (not everything, of course) to help you think through what you could put on yours.

This list is to help you be more cognizant and reflective over your past year and see what changes you’d like to make in this coming year.

Many of the things on Michelle’s list are events, as well, which can help you look at a calendar and start planning out future events you’d like to incorporate.


  • Consuming so much dairy
  • Negative self-talk
  • Consuming so much sugar
  • Watching as much YouTube in place of more “productive” things I want to be doing
  • Mindlessly scrolling Instagram


  • Using less single-use plastics
  • Going to the gym 3x a week
  • Getting rid of (at least) one thing each week
  • Eating out only 2x a week
  • Learning one new thing a day


  • Having Instagram be “WiFi Only” on my iPhone settings
  • Bringing reusable silverware and water bottle with me
  • Taking my vitamins
  • Keeping track of expenses
  • Movie nights with my roommate
  • Reading 50+ books a year

Monthly Snapshots

In my bullet journal (very loose term, I basically just have a journal I take various notes in) I’ve started a page for each month that looks like the following:





I will put memorable things each day like “grabbed lunch with Sarah” or “finished a new book!”

I did this in 2018 in a planner that I didn’t fully utilize. I love being able to look back at these days and small notes, but didn’t think this warranted its own journal at this time when I’m already frequently using this one.

I’ve also added a habit tracker to the bottom of these lists to help me stay accountable to my goals – I’ve added “Duolingo” and “Bible” so far.

These are just a small handful of things you can do to help you start off 2019 with a bang, but it isn’t an exhaustive list.  I’ve pulled out the ones that seem the most inspiring to me, but you may have another method that helps you get in the zone. Try a few things out and see!

How are you starting off the new year? Have you already done any of these things to help you get ready? Let me know in the comments below!


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