ClassPass Review: Fit or Flop?

I’ve had many friends in the past year and a half use the term ClassPass, and I recently decided I should figure out what that term really meant. I just finished up my two-week free trial and started up my first paid month. Spoiler alert: I’m a fan so far.

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So what is ClassPass? ClassPass is a monthly program where you pay for “credits” that can be redeemed nation-wide at gyms and studios.

How does it work? You buy a certain number of credits (depending on your choice of plan) that have different values depending on when and where you’re going.

All credits aren’t equal, however. If the class is in high demand, there may be a higher number of credits associated with taking that class. I’ll be sure to list the values below for the classes I’ve taken.

Here’s the breakdown of packages.
This is a map of the US zoomed out to show the general locations that ClassPass is available in currently. If you live in Dallas but travel to Florida for work or vacation, for example, you can still use your credits.

What do I like about ClassPass?

  • There is a two-week free trial!
  • The availability of classes in my area. Being local to Dallas, there are hundreds of facilities near me. This may not be true to your area, though (see map above, or click here to search).
  • The ease of booking. You press “reserve,” and presto you’re done. You immediately get confirmations from both ClassPass and the studio you’re going to.
  • The variety of classes. You can sort by “type” of class (barre, pilates, yoga, strength training, etc.) or just scroll through things near you.
  • Playing favorites. Save studios as favorites so you can find them easily, or just search for classes within.
  • Know Before You Go. In addition to the ease of booking, within the searching capabilities, you can easily see what equipment is needed (if applicable, like a certain pair of socks) and what amenities are available on-site (like showers, etc.).
  • There are online workouts in the app, too!

Things to note:

  • The functionality for searching is a little better on the computer’s web version than on the phone’s app. Nothing make it or break it, but I find that if I’m looking for something new I find things easier on the computer.
  • Each time you open the app after a class you have to leave a review. If you’re not at a spot to do so, wait to open the app – you can’t “X” out or come back later.

Which ClassPass Classes Have I Taken?

I challenged myself during the two weeks to get out of my comfort zone. I chose four different workouts at different types of location to see whether or not I liked the diverse set of classes, and how easy ClassPass was to use.

Reformer Pilates at BodyBar off Knox/Henderson

  • Credits: on sale for 1, normally 7
  • Activity: Pilates, Strength Training
  • Length of time: 50 minutes
  • Thoughts: I went at 8 am, so it was a fairly small class. The instructor was attentive, encouraging, and consistently reminding the class of technique. I had never done a Reformer Pilates class and both the instructor and front desk employee made sure I was comfortable.

I was a little nervous because this was my first experience with booking through ClassPass, but everything was incredibly smooth. When I booked online I got a confirmation not only from ClassPass but also from the studio. I walked right to the front desk and my name was ready to check-in.

Yoga at Gaia Yoga in Addison Circle

  • Credits: 4
  • Activity: Yoga
  • Length of time: 1 hour
  • Thoughts: I chose a “beginner” yoga, but it wasn’t too easy. It was pretty warm in the studio, but the room was dark so I didn’t feel self-conscious getting a sip of water. There were even dogs at the front desk!

Barre at Barre3 in Richardson

  • Credits: 5
  • Activity: Barre
  • Length of time: 1 hour
  • Thoughts: The instructor was good about modifying things to make the experience either more difficult or easier on joints, which was greatly appreciated.

Rise Nation off Knox/Henderson

  • Credits: 5
  • Activity: Cardio, Stair Stepping
  • Length of time: 30 minutes
  • Thoughts: This machine has a large learning curve, and when I finally felt like I was getting the hang of it the class was almost over. I’d love to try this again now that I actually understand what I’m doing.

If I’m being honest with myself, this is the most I’ve consistently worked out in a while. I enjoyed the opportunity to try new things (out of the four activities I did, I’d only done yoga before). While in the future I might choose one activity and stick with it, the variety has been helpful for me to stay encouraged.

If you’re interested in trying new classes around you, I’d recommend giving ClassPass a try. It’s easy to use, fairly priced (in comparison to many other packages out there), and the classes are widely varied. Hopefully, the program comes to (or is already located in) a city near you!

And don’t forget, here’s my code for $30 off.*


This post is not sponsored but does contain referral links where we both receive a discount when you sign up through my link.

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