Why You Should Join (or Start) a Book Club

When people ask me, “what do you do for fun?” (which happens more often than you’d expect), the first thing that comes to mind is “book club.” While this may not be as exciting as “rock climbing” or as selfless as “volunteering” in the traditional sense, being part of a book club has truly transformed my post-college years.

Want to see what my book club is reading? Click this link here.

Here are (a few of the many) ways that being in a book club has helped me grow:

Book Club has pushed me to explore more genres.

I always tend to read the same sort of thing over and over, but I’m not the only one making these decisions. We each suggest a few books (often via Bookclubz, mentioned below) and we do our due diligence to research. We then come to book club as informed as possible so that we can discuss and pick.

Book Club has made me read books I would have never chosen for myself.

We haven’t just read different genres – we’ve read books of genres I’m interested in, and books I wouldn’t grab off the shelf. We’ve picked many huge wins, but also some huge “failures.” Either way, I’ve enjoyed giving them all a shot and trying something new.

Book Club has given me a new set of friends.

Everyone tells you that making friends after college is really hard. These people are right! Due to the fact that I’m at work 8+ hours a day, I’m happy that I’ve found good friends there.

Our book club came out of a few of us at work who would exchange books and has turned into an opportunity to gather in each other’s homes and drink wine (and discuss the books, of course).

Here’s a list of our favorite book club resources:


This is a website and app that helps you organize your book club. We suggest books, vote in polls, and catalog all of the books we’ve read.

Other “Curated Book Clubs”

Our book club began with us reading off of Reese Witherspoon’s list, but Oprah, Jenna Bush Hagan, Emma Watson, and others have their own lists published that have helped shape us.


Will I ever make a blog post about reading that doesn’t involve Goodreads?

Each other!

We all have become each other’s libraries and discussion groups. We’re always recommending books to each other (book club related or not) and sharing our thoughts.

Do you have a book club? What have your experiences been? What has been the best book your book club has read?

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