The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy | 2020 #3

This book is a cult classic and I can finally see why. This book is completely absurd and plays out in a completely joyful way. It’s hard to describe in a way other than it’s funny.

I opted to listen to this book – it’s a very short read at six or so hours – and I’m thankful I did. The narrator did a fantastic job of making you feel both in the story and as a faithful observer. Overall, the story is as if you’re a patron at the movies watching everything unfold.

The story starts out with Arthur who is fighting against a crew trying to tear down his house on the day that (unbeknownst to everyone) the Earth is going to be destroyed. He’s taken away by a friend Ford Prefect who has been pretending to be a human for over a decade. They’re sent on a wild and wacky adventure across the cosmos aided by none other than The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

The writing style is something unlike anything I’ve ever read. It’s full of purposeful metaphors that don’t really make sense, characters acting ridiculously and others not batting an eye, and quips that made me actually laugh out loud.

Is it the best book I’ve ever read, as many will tout? No, but I really enjoyed it. Is it worth the read? Absolutely.

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