Evvie Drake Starts Over | 2020 #7

Evvie Drake Starts Over by Linda Holmes is a book that should be a total cliche (and is) but isn’t.

Evvie (pronounced like “heavy”), on the day she’s packed a suitcase and is going to leave her husband, gets a call that her husband has died in a car accident. She has to be the grieving wife she isn’t, while grieving the new life away from him feels like she can’t have even after his death.

Meanwhile, Dean is a professional baseball player who has lost his game. Literally. He’s a championship pitcher who can’t seem to pitch anymore and decides to lay it low in a small town in Maine where one of his old friends (who happens to be Evvie’s best friend) lives.

While this book can be cheesy, it has a lot of good heart. At one part of the book Evvie has an anxiety attack and it felt so real in a way I’d never read before. The characters are fun, and while they’re not facing “real-life” scenarios they’re handling them in ways that feel real and honest.

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