Regretting You | 2020 #10

Regretting You by Colleen Hoover was a book we read for book club this year and it was one that some (including me) enjoyed and others did not.

Those who didn’t enjoy it said that it felt predictable and cheesy, but those who did felt deep connection to the characters.

The story follows a mother and a daughter as they go about life after they lose their husband/father and sister/aunt in a car accident. Both women find connection in unlikely places to the chagrin of both themselves and the other.

I found their connections to be real and honest and messy. It’s a bunch of people trying their best to be happy and to help others be happy, and that’s really what we all are, right?

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I’d recommend this book to anyone interested in looking at others battle questions of regret, missed connections, honesty, and more, all while combatting these questions head-on themselves.

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