Auricle Cartilage Piercing | My Experience

In February of this year our company had a big company party that just so happened to be down the street from a tattoo parlor – Taboo Tattoo – and I had been wanting a new piercing for a few months. My coworker who has also been wanting a piercing tagged along, as did many of our other work friends.

Taboo Tattoo is a pretty standard tattoo parlor (no cash, keep that in mind) and everything went super smoothly.

Here’s a diagram (same one I used on my Conch Piercing post) for reference –

I pointed at my ear and told the guy where I wanted a piercing – and had never heard of “auricle” – but looking at this image I can tell that I got my “auricle” pierced.

Here are a few things I learned:

  • It didn’t hurt any more than my conch piercing did. I’d say it was about the same level of pain, maybe less.
  • There was a little blood that the piercer cleaned up before I stood up but I saw the Q-Tip and it was a super small drop.
  • The healing time has been longer than it was with my conch. This area on my ear is more frequently touched, so I’m not surprised.
  • I chose to get a hoop immediately, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised with both the look (which gives me major Jane Lane vibes because now I have three hoops on this one side. If you know, you know.) and the healing process.
  • “No twisting” is a lot harder of a directive on this part of my ear than others. Maybe it’s because of the location? Maybe it’s because I typically get a stud and then later switch to a hoop? The world may never know.

Have you read my post about getting my conch piercing?

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