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    Honey & Goat Cheese Crostinis

    I used to make these crostinis a lot my senior year of college and recently was reminded of them. I mean come on; goat cheese, bread, and honey? I’m in. I originally found this recipe…

    September 11, 2018
  • Miscellaneous

    The Prodigal Son | 4/29 Message

    I gave the message this past Sunday at our youth service for the church, and thought that I’d share! It was already typed up as I was organizing my thoughts, so obviously it isn’t…

    April 29, 2018
  • Miscellaneous

    A Crash Course in Kindness

    I’ll first start out by saying that both my car and I are perfectly intact. I was rear-ended this week on my way to work. I’ve only ever been in one accident in my…

    February 11, 2017
  • Miscellaneous

    Stop the Glorification of Busy

    I am busy. You are busy. We’re all busy. I get it. I’m also tired, and probably hungry. So are you. When we’re all busy and tired, where is the inspiration? Where is the compassion? Where…

    October 8, 2015
  • Miscellaneous

    The Original Michele with 1-L

    I will always be proud to be Allison MICHELE Messimer. My mom always says some of my best qualities came from Aunt Shell. People always joked that Michele was my mom and Katie was…

    May 19, 2015
  • gratitude

    Putting the GREAT in GRATEFUL

    I am very blessed. I have SO many things to be thankful for. I am healthy. I have fabulous friends. I love my major. Jesus loves me. I am happy.   But sometimes I…

    April 25, 2015