Podcast Masterlist

One of the questions I hear most often is, “what podcast should I listen to?” I’ve compiled a list of what I’ve been listening to; if you have any recommendations, please leave them in the comments below!

Here are a few quick notes:

  • “TBLT” – to be listened to (I haven’t started or I’m not that far along)
  • “depends” – some of the episodes are really good and interest me, but it truly “depends” on the episode whether or not I really like it 
  • If you see a hashtag I’ve listed and you want to see more like it, use the “search” function in the header of the table to filter
  • I’ve tagged the women-run podcasts with #women.
A Piece of WorkLove#art #interviews #women

Created in collaboration with the Museum of Modern Art in NYC.

I haven't listened to too many episodes (as it isn't very widely spread on podcasting platforms) but they're quick and fun.
American HysteriaLike#truecrime #conspiracy

This podcast not only looks at moral panics and conspiracy theories but looks into why.
And That's Why We DrinkLike#truecrime #paranormal

I haven't listened to this podcast in a while but they've got quite the cult following! It's a great mix of paranormal and true crime which shakes things up a bit.
Armchair Expert with Dax ShepardLove#interviews

Dax's podcast is an interesting listen, regardless of who is hosting. He doesn't hold back from asking tough questions or putting forth his own history. I even saw him do a live taping in Dallas and it was worth every penny.
At Home With...Love#beauty #fashion #interiors #interviews #women

Hosted by Lily Pebbles and Anna Newton - authors, influencers, etc. They go into influential women's' houses and learn more about their most-loved spaces.
Barnes & NobleTBLT#reading

This podcast, hosted by the store Barnes & Noble, interviews notable authors and can be found on their website.
BlackwoodLike#truecrime #scripted

This podcast looks at found-"footage" (audio) of three teens looking into their town's conspiracy.
Casefile True CrimeDepends#truecrime

Casefile is hosted by an Australian researcher who puts together stories with a lot of detail.

Some stories are gripping, but it typically isn't my go-to for a true crime fix.
Costing the EarthTBLT
Crash on my CouchLike#lifestyle

Arden and Will (two people I know from YouTube) host this show - it is a little hard to describe because there are a lot of iterations and changes episode to episode, but overall they're finding interesting things from the internet and talking about them.

No longer running life, but the backlog is still on podcast platforms.
Crime TownTBLT#truecrime

This podcast takes on crimes (big or small, well-known or not) and discusses them. The selection of topics here is really what gets me. They pick a topic and interview someone involved so you get the facts and the personal take and it definitely makes it more conversational and well-rounded.

Notable topics: Shell games, assisted suicide companion volunteers, pot brownie empires, hacking, venus fly traps and more.

Not surprisingly, this podcast is all about Cults where the hosts look at a different cult each episode (or two).
Dead AirLike#truecrime #scripted #women

This scripted podcast is about murder and horse doping. It sounds odd, but the podcast is truly interesting and well done.
Dear Hank & JohnTBLT#advice
Dinosaur GeorgeTBLT#science
Dirty JohnLove#truecrime

A true crime podcast with actual closure! This short-lived podcast series looks into a family with some dark secrets.

You may recognize this storyline from the new Bravo show with Connie Britton.
Done DisappearedTBLT#truecrime
Dr. Death4⭐️#truecrime #women

This story surrounds a Dallas surgeon who was consistently botching surgeries (even his own friend!). This podcast investigates his acts and the legal battles surrounding it.

(This was doubly scary because my mom had back surgery six months before this - in Dallas - but thankfully this guy was not her surgeon)
Entry LevelTBLT#interviews

hosted by Brooks Wheelan
EW's Binge4⭐️#movie/tv

There are a few seasons of this podcast, but I have only listened to the Harry Potter series. Each episode looks into one of the books vs. the movie, and then has a special guest that was involved in the series - from designers to actors.
Family SecretsLike#interviews #women

Dani Shapiro (author) looks into people's family secrets - from finding out your dad isn't your dad or that your sister is actually your mom.

Filler is a podcast for creatives. I can't say that I'm a creative by trade but I can say that I enjoy this podcast because of its range of guests, ranging from photographers to bloggers to filmmakers to designers and beyond.

It's recorded in a coffee shop in London (called Notes) and you can often hear cups clinking and it makes it feel like you're in the room with them (if you use your imagination). They talk about design decisions and taking risks and "making it the industry" and no matter what I'm always interested.

Notable guests: Rosa Park (editor of Cereal Magazine), Esteé Lalonde (blogger and vlogger), Blaise DePersia (designer at Facebook)
Good Life Project3.5⭐️#lifestyle
GossipLike#scripted #drama #women

This story revolves around three best friends of varying ages and the wacky stories around their town - only told through their conversations at the coffee shop they meet up at.
Great Women of BusinessTBLT#business #history #women
Happy FaceTBLT#truecrime

About, and in collaboration with, the daughter of the Happy Face Killer.
Hardcore HistoryTBLT
HBR IdeacastTBLT#business
Heaven's Gate3.5⭐️#truecrime

An investigation into the cult Heaven's Gate.
Her Money MattersTBLT#education #business #women
History of the World in 100 ObjectsLove#history

This podcast was put out by the British Museum and took specific objects from their displays to literally explain the history of the world. I was a bit skeptical about listening to a whole podcast about a "Victorian tea set," for example, but I found that I'm game for a look into this era's aristocracy and class struggles. I thought I'd give an episode or two a listen and I was quickly hooked because it turned out to be crazy-interesting.
Hollywood & Crime4⭐️#truecrime

Podcast Roundup #1
How to MoneyTBLT
I, SurvivorNOT RECOMMENDED#truecrime

Per my coworker, Nicole
In The Dark3.5⭐️#truecrime

There are a few seasons of this podcast:
Interabang PodcastTBLT#interviews #books

via my favorite bookstore in Dallas, Interabang
Last Podcast on the Left4.5⭐️#truecrime #comedy #conspiracy

I love this podcast. Every time this podcast - about crime, paranormal, hit stories, and more - posts, I jump right in.
Locked Up AbroadTBLT#truecrime
Missing Maura Murray4⭐️#truecrime
Missing Richard Simmons3⭐️#truecrime

an invasion of privacy?
Move Crush#movie/tv
My Favorite Murder5⭐️#truecrime #comedy #women
Mysteries AboundTBLT
Nickelodeon AnimationLove#movie/tv

Hector (the host) goes into the specific profession, journey, stories, and remembrance of the hit shows that molded my childhood.

Notable guests: Butch Hartman (The Fairly Oddparents, etc.), Arlene Klasky (as in Klasky Csupo), John Davis (creator of Jimmy Neutron)
No Man's LandTBLT#history #women
Not Too Deep4⭐️#interviews #comedy
Open Secrets#interviews
Pop Culture Happy HourTBLT#popculture

Pacific Northwest Stories
Reading It ForwardTBLT#books
Revisionist HistoryLove#history

This is a new podcast I've been listening to, but it's definitely one of the more thought-provoking. This author (of Blink, David & Goliath, and the Outliers) is inviting his listeners to revisit pieces of history and examine if they truly are the way we "remember" them to be. He takes on social issues and history, in general, to show that the history we think we know or the social structures we think are working within are only figments of our imagination. Listening to how, for example, one painting by Elizabeth Thompson inadvertently shows us systemic classism, racism, and sexism, is not something I expected.
Ridiculous HistoryTBLT#history

My coworker Zach relayed this non-recommendation saying that only approximately 1/3 of the stories were funny.

Created by the people who made Serial.
Second LifeTBLT#interviews #women
SerialLove#truecrime #women

The first season, a murder case with a man serving life in prison that no one had heard about until this show. The second season, a popular case of Bowe Bergdahl and his run-in with the Taliban. The third, a case study about the judicial system in a specific city.

I actually got to hear Sarah & Julie when they came to university my senior year. This was truly my first podcast and I was hooked with a capital H.
Someone Knows SomethingLike#truecrime

There are a few seasons of this show:
1) Adrian
2) Sheryl

Created in collaboration with the International Spy Museum in Washington DC.
StartUp PodcastTBLT
Stuff You Missed in History ClassDepends#history #education #women

This podcast is very similar to Stuff You Should Know, but it is all about historical things.
Stuff You Should KnowLove#history #science #education

Stuff You Should Know, from HowStuffWorks.com. Josh Clark & Charles W. "Chuck" Bryant make my heart smile and my brain grow. This podcast is all about random things that you'd probably never research on your own and putting them in a way that is relevant, interesting, endearing, and thought-provoking.

Examples of titles: Is computer addition a thing? Hibernation: Not a Snooze. Jellyfish: Even Cooler than Octopi? Who Gets to Name Continents?
Sword & ScaleTBLT#truecrime

Pacific Northwest Stories
That Sounds Fun with Annie F DownsTBLT#interviews #women

Recommended by my friend Haley.
The Anthropocene ReviewedLove#education
The Black TapesLove#scripted

Pacific Northwest Stories
The ClashTBLT#music

This podcast looks at the history of the band The Clash.
The Control GroupTBLT#scripted
The End of the WorldLike#education
The HabitatTBLT#science

About an experiment testing for living on Mars.
The History ChicksTBLT#history #women
The Last MovieLove#scripted

from the creators of TANIS/The Black Tapes/Rabbits
The Nerdist (Idiot)Depends#interviews

The thing I like about this podcast is that the hosts are comedians who are introspective and bring these two things together beautifully. I've always been a bit envious of the quick wits of comedians but I'll always chuckle along and somehow that's better while alone in my car driving home from a long day at work.

In addition to the incredible guests, there are "host-ful" episodes where the three hosts (Matt Mira, Chris Hardwick, and Jonah Ray) sit together and just chat about the things happening in their lives. Who knew that Matt's bike getting stolen could turn into a debate about moral codes and that I'd still continue to laugh along?

Notable guests: Neil Patrick Harris, Bill Gates, Bill Nye, Dakota Fanning, Grace Helbig, J.J. Abrams.
The Strange and UnusualTBLT
The Teacher's PetLike#truecrime

Aussie Aussie Aussie!
This American Life5⭐️#interviews #education
This Podcast Will Kill YouTBLT#education #women
Up & Vanished4⭐️#truecrime

There are a few seasons of this show:
1) revolves around the disappearance of Tara Grinstead, a school teacher in Georgia. Podcast Roundup | Up & Vanished
Waking Up PodcastTBLT
Welcome to NightvaleDNF#scripted

Podcast Roundup #1

Here are also a few podcast resources/listening locations I’ve found helpful: