Podcast Masterlist

One of the questions I hear most often is, “what podcast should I listen to?” I’ve compiled a list of what I’ve been listening to; if you have any recommendations, please leave them in the comments below!

Here are a few quick notes:

  • “TBLT” – to be listened to (I haven’t started or I’m not that far along)
  • “depends” – some of the episodes are really good and interest me, but it truly “depends” on the episode whether or not I really like it 
A Piece of WorkArt, Interviews5⭐️Friday Favorite Five 4.27.18
created in collaboration with the Museum of Modern Art in NYC
And That's Why We DrinkTrue Crime, Paranormal4⭐️
Armchair Expert with Dax ShepardInterviews4.5⭐️
At Home With...Beauty, Fashion, Interiors4.5⭐️hosted by Lily Pebbles and Anna Newton
Casefile True CrimeTrue Crimedepends
Crash on my CouchLifestyle4⭐️
Crime TownTrue CrimeTBLT
CriminalTrue Crime3⭐️Podcast Roundup #1
CultsTrue Crime, Cults3⭐️
Dead AirScripted, True Crime4⭐️
Dear Hank & JohnAdviceTBLT
Dirty JohnTrue Crime4⭐️a true crime podcast with actual closure!
Dr. DeathTrue Crime4⭐️Dallas, botched surgery
Entry LevelInterviewTBLThosted by Brooks Wheelan
EW's Binge - Harry PotterMovie/TV4⭐️
FillerInterview4⭐️Podcast Roundup #1
Good Life ProjectLifestyle3.5⭐️
GossipScripted, Drama4⭐️
Great Women of BusinessTBLT
Happy FaceTrue CrimeTBLTAbout the daughter of the Happy Face Killer.
Hardcore HistoryTBLT
Heaven's GateTrue Crime, Cults3.5⭐️
Her Money MattersTBLT
History of the World in 100 ObjectsHistory5⭐️produced by the BBC
Hollywood & CrimeTrue Crime4⭐️Podcast Roundup #1
In The Dark - Season 1True Crime3.5⭐️
In The Dark - Season 2True CrimeTBLT
Interabang PodcastBooks, InterviewTBLTvia my favorite bookstore
Last Podcast on the LeftTrue Crime4.5⭐️
Locked Up AbroadTrue CrimeTBLT
Missing Maura MurrayTrue Crime4⭐️
Missing Richard SimmonsMystery3⭐️an invasion of privacy?
Move CrushMovie/TVWatching Celebrities' Favorite Movies?
My Favorite MurderTrue Crime5⭐️
Nickelodeon AnimationMovie/TV5⭐️
Not Too DeepComedy, Interview4⭐️
Pop Culture Happy HourPop CultureTBLT
RABBITSAlternate Reality/Mystery4⭐️Pacific Northwest Stories
Reading It ForwardBooksTBLT
Revisionist HistoryHistory4.5⭐️Podcast Roundup #1
created and hosted by Malcom Gladwell
Ridiculous HistoryHistoryTBLT
Risk!Comedy, Story-tellingNOT RECOMMENDED
S-TownTrue Crime5⭐️by the people who made Serial
Second LifeTBLT
Second LifeTBLT
Serial - AdnanTrue Crime5⭐️
Serial - BoTrue Crime4.5⭐️
Someone Knows Something - Season 1True Crime4⭐️Adrian
Someone Knows Something - Season 2True Crime4⭐️Sheryl
Someone Knows Something - Season 3True Crime
Someone Knows Something - Season 4True Crime
SpyCastTBLTput on my the International Spy Museum in Washington DC
StartUp PodcastTBLT
Stuff You Missed in History ClassHistorydependsPodcast Roundup #1
Stuff You Should KnowKnowledge5⭐️Podcast Roundup #1
Sword & ScaleTBLT
TANISAlternate Reality/Mystery5⭐️Pacific Northwest Stories
The Anthropocene ReviewedTBLT
The Black TapesAlternate Reality/Mystery5⭐️Pacific Northwest Stories
The Control GroupScriptedTBLT
The HabitatTBLTAbout an experiment testing for living on Mars.
The Last MovieAlternate Reality4.5⭐️from the creators of TANIS/The Black Tapes/Rabbits
The Nerdist (Idiot)InterviewdependsPodcast Roundup #1
The Teacher's PetTrue Crime, Mystery4.5⭐️Aussie Aussie Aussie!
This American Life5⭐️Friday Favorite Five 4.20.18
Up & Vanished - Season 1True Crime4⭐️Podcast Roundup | Up & Vanished
Tara Grinstead
Up & Vanished - Season 2True Crime4⭐️
Waking Up PodcastTBLT
Welcome to NightvaleAlternate RealityDNFPodcast Roundup #1
Done DisappearedTBLT
Mysteries AboundTBLT
Costing the EarthTBLT
The Strange and UnusualTBLT
Barnes & NobleTBLT
Dinosaur GeorgeTBLT

Here are also a few podcast resources/listening locations I’ve found helpful:


Here are a few things you might want to know before you scroll further:

This isn’t an exhaustive list. There are many podcasts that I was obsessed with at the time of them airing (like Serial), but it didn’t feel right to add them to the list because they aren’t releasing new episodes each week. Some podcasts have short runs (like Gossip, Dirty John, Dr. Death, Missing Maura Murray, and more) and I completely binged them but they also didn’t feel right to add here. I’ve linked each of them for you and recommend you check them out, but you won’t find them below because they aren’t on a consistent upload schedule.

There are many podcasts I listen (like Not Too Deep, Armchair Expert, and more) to that are heavily dependent on who the guest is or what the topic is.

I love learning and true crime, so this short list is fairly reflective of that.

I almost exclusively listen on Spotify (because I have Premium so I might as well), so all of the links will be to there.

My Favorite Murder

What it is:

true crime & comedy

What I love:

Karen and Georgia have such great chemistry,

they address mental health,

encourage community and therapy,

they’re always learning,

and they tell great stories.

Why I look forward to it:

The girls feel like actual friends.

*at the beginning, I will admit that they sound a bit too giddy about the circumstances surrounding their podcast but this continues to tune down as the episodes go along.

Twitter  // Instagram  // Spotify


What it is:

scripted drama


What I love:

The creators are really good about blending fact with fiction. I find myself actually having to Google some things because they seem so real (or are founded in a real story I’ve heard).

Why I look forward to it:

There are so many twists and turns that I never see coming.

Twitter // Spotify

Link to another blog post I wrote about TANIS

Link to their sister podcastsThe Black Tapes, RABBITS

Last Podcast on the Left

What it is:

true crime


What I love:

How well-researched the podcast is.

Why I look forward to it:

They rarely cover a topic I’ve heard of, so I’m always learning.

*the language used and topics selected are not suitable for all ages.

Twitter // Instagram // Spotify

Stuff You Should Know

What it is:


What I love:

The podcast feeds my desire to learn in a fun way.

Josh & Chuck take complex topics and make them a lot more manageable.

Why I look forward to it:

No matter what the topic, I always find myself sucked in.

Twitter // Instagram // Spotify