Podcast Masterlist

One of the questions I hear most often is, “what podcast should I listen to?” I’ve compiled a list of what I’ve been listening to; if you have any recommendations, please leave them in the comments below!

Here are a few quick notes:

  • “TBLT” – to be listened to (I haven’t started or I’m not that far along)
  • “depends” – some of the episodes are really good and interest me, but it truly “depends” on the episode whether or not I really like it 
A Piece of WorkArt, Interviews5⭐️Friday Favorite Five 4.27.18
created in collaboration with the Museum of Modern Art in NYC
And That's Why We DrinkTrue Crime, Paranormal4⭐️
Armchair Expert with Dax ShepardInterviews4.5⭐️
At Home With...Beauty, Fashion, Interiors4.5⭐️hosted by Lily Pebbles and Anna Newton
Casefile True CrimeTrue Crimedepends
Crash on my CouchLifestyle4⭐️
Crime TownTrue CrimeTBLT
CriminalTrue Crime3⭐️Podcast Roundup #1
CultsTrue Crime, Cults3⭐️
Dead AirScripted, True Crime4⭐️
Dear Hank & JohnAdviceTBLT
Dirty JohnTrue Crime4⭐️a true crime podcast with actual closure!
Dr. DeathTrue Crime4⭐️Dallas, botched surgery
Entry LevelInterviewTBLThosted by Brooks Wheelan
EW's Binge - Harry PotterMovie/TV4⭐️
FillerInterview4⭐️Podcast Roundup #1
Good Life ProjectLifestyle3.5⭐️
GossipScripted, Drama4⭐️
Great Women of BusinessTBLT
Happy FaceTrue CrimeTBLTAbout the daughter of the Happy Face Killer.
Hardcore HistoryTBLT
Heaven's GateTrue Crime, Cults3.5⭐️
Her Money MattersTBLT
History of the World in 100 ObjectsHistory5⭐️produced by the BBC
Hollywood & CrimeTrue Crime4⭐️Podcast Roundup #1
In The Dark - Season 1True Crime3.5⭐️
In The Dark - Season 2True CrimeTBLT
Interabang PodcastBooks, InterviewTBLTvia my favorite bookstore
Last Podcast on the LeftTrue Crime4.5⭐️
Locked Up AbroadTrue CrimeTBLT
Missing Maura MurrayTrue Crime4⭐️
Missing Richard SimmonsMystery3⭐️an invasion of privacy?
Move CrushMovie/TVWatching Celebrities' Favorite Movies?
My Favorite MurderTrue Crime5⭐️
Nickelodeon AnimationMovie/TV5⭐️
Not Too DeepComedy, Interview4⭐️
Pop Culture Happy HourPop CultureTBLT
RABBITSAlternate Reality/Mystery4⭐️Pacific Northwest Stories
Reading It ForwardBooksTBLT
Revisionist HistoryHistory4.5⭐️Podcast Roundup #1
created and hosted by Malcom Gladwell
Ridiculous HistoryHistoryTBLT
Risk!Comedy, Story-tellingNOT RECOMMENDED
S-TownTrue Crime5⭐️by the people who made Serial
Second LifeTBLT
Second LifeTBLT
Serial - AdnanTrue Crime5⭐️
Serial - BoTrue Crime4.5⭐️
Someone Knows Something - Season 1True Crime4⭐️Adrian
Someone Knows Something - Season 2True Crime4⭐️Sheryl
Someone Knows Something - Season 3True Crime
Someone Knows Something - Season 4True Crime
SpyCastTBLTput on my the International Spy Museum in Washington DC
Stuff You Missed in History ClassHistorydependsPodcast Roundup #1
Stuff You Should KnowKnowledge5⭐️Podcast Roundup #1
Sword & ScaleTBLT
TANISAlternate Reality/Mystery5⭐️Pacific Northwest Stories
The Anthropocene ReviewedTBLT
The Black TapesAlternate Reality/Mystery5⭐️Pacific Northwest Stories
The Control GroupScriptedTBLT
The HabitatTBLTAbout an experiment testing for living on Mars.
The Last MovieAlternate Reality4.5⭐️from the creators of TANIS/The Black Tapes/Rabbits
The Nerdist (Idiot)InterviewdependsPodcast Roundup #1
The Teacher's PetTrue Crime, Mystery4.5⭐️Aussie Aussie Aussie!
This American Life5⭐️Friday Favorite Five 4.20.18
Up & Vanished - Season 1True Crime4⭐️Podcast Roundup | Up & Vanished
Tara Grinstead
Up & Vanished - Season 2True Crime4⭐️
Waking Up PodcastTBLT
Welcome to NightvaleAlternate RealityDNFPodcast Roundup #1
StartUp PodcastTBLT

Here are also a few podcast resources/listening locations I’ve found helpful: